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Why Homecoming Shouldn't Be on Youth Football Field

Photo courtesy of Sam Crane

The homecoming dance has been a topic of concern for high school students for as long as it has been around. In the past few years, Loveland High School has chosen the Loveland Youth Football field behind the school to host its annual homecoming dance. It takes place under a tent on the grass, which has been met with dismay as the weather plays a huge factor in how fun the dance turns out. LHS junior Miles Crane (11) thinks an artificial ground would be better, saying, “It should be on the turf because we could use the lights above, have more room for not just the dance, but games and activities too, and the area would be better spaced out so couples wouldn’t have to be in the center of the dancing and chaos.” Crane isn’t the only junior who likes the turf football field as Aidan Lamb (11) agreed, stating, “The dance should be somewhere on turf like the football stadium so we don’t have to walk in mud with our nice shoes.”

Other sites that students have suggested have been the gym or even another place off campus. At other schools, such as Lebanon, the dance is hosted under the lights at the football stadium. Although rain could disrupt it, the turf won’t be nearly as soggy as grass if rain precedes the event. Additionally, on the turf participants have so much room to do as they please. One could bring food trucks or food on the track. One could also set up games on the turf like can jam, football, cornhole, and anything. Along with all the games, there would be plenty of room to also have a dance floor and a DJ. Permitting a nice night, the turf also doesn’t get as hot and stuffy because there is so much room for all of the students. With all that room, there is also just more space for the dancegoers, to dance! People can also go off on their own a little more because more space is more freedom.

Another consideration for Loveland High School could be the main gymnasium. While it may be more compact, LHS has two gyms that connect to each other so the dance could be held in both a food/casual room and a DJ/dance room. Along with the spacing, being indoors would also ensure that weather won’t be a deciding factor. The gym also has an accessible bathroom and is a more secure place for a homecoming with water fountains right outside the bathroom.

The final consideration could be a 3rd-party venue. This way students could get away from the school and give the underclassmen a taste of what prom is like, just at a cheaper price.

While the dance could be anywhere, the main point I am conveying is that the dance should not be on the Loveland Youth Football field. LHS should pick a new host site for the dance coming up.

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