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Meet The Staff



Sean Behling

My name is Sean Behling, and I am a senior here at Loveland High School. This is my third year on The Loveland Roar staff and I am the Editor-in-chief this year. I enjoy playing video games and watching anime in my free time. I am excited to see how the Roar evolves over the course of this year and can’t wait to write some informative articles this year.


    Sports Editor

    Chase Gibson

    I'm Chase Gibson, the main sports editor here at the Roar. Sports has been my passion ever since I was little, and I'm very excited to share it with you all! I play golf and basketball for Loveland High School as well, so sports pretty much takes up most of my life

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    Staff Writer

    Sam Crane

    I am Sam Crane and I am in the 11th grade. I joined the Roar to write for a newspaper, to spread my ideals and opinions, and to keep people informed on current world issues. I also enjoy my classmates and the workroom environment. I do show choir, play guitar, snowboard, and do anything with thrill.


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    Staff Writer

    Tristan Pfizenmayer

    My name is Tristan Pfizenmayer and I am a junior at Loveland High School. I am a student writer for the Loveland Roar. I am an avid Cincinnati sports fan, I aspire to be a sports journalist, analyst and commentator. I am looking forward to using my passion to make engaging content on the paper this year. 


      Staff Writer

      Kate Krabacher

      My name is Kate Krabacher and I’m a senior. I am a staff writer and this is my first year writing for The Roar. I enjoy playing volleyball, going hiking, wakeboarding, and traveling. I’m very excited to write local stories for the newspaper!

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      Staff Writer

      Mahi Sheth

      My name is Mahi Sheth and I am a Sophomore at Loveland High School. Some activities I am involved in are dance and being a writer for Loveland Magazine. I chose Journalism because when I write I am in my own world. I love the way words come together to form a story.


        Features Editor

        Ben Hicks

        My name is Ben Hicks and I am a junior at Loveland High School. My role for The Loveland Roar is Features Editor. I am also involved in football, basketball, and unified track at LHS. I look forward to transforming the digital presence of the newspaper this year.

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        News Editor

        Jack Gerber

        I’m Jack Gerber, I’m a Junior.  Besides being an editor, I’m also a member of Loveland’s Bionic Tigers Robotics Team, Academic Team, I’m an Eagle Scout, and I’m the chairman of Young Americans for Freedom.  I write for The Roar because I believe it’s important for everyone to be informed about current events, and I hope to aid in this.

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        Staff Writer and Social Media Manager

        Maria Monfreda

        Hi my name is Maria Monfreda and I am a senior this year. Aside from the Roar I am involved in Loveland Show Choir, President of HSDA, and I work two jobs at Kids First Too and Love Bird. I joined the newspaper because I really enjoy writing and spreading my interests and ideas.


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        Staff Writer

        Michael Dakoske

        My name is Michael Dakoske and I am a senior. I am one of the staff writers and this is my first year on The Roar. Besides writing, I enjoy lacrosse, skiing, hiking, and watching movies. I am excited to use my writing skills and teach you more about the Loveland community, while learning the same things myself in the process. 

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        Staff Writer

        Gracie Dillon

        My name is Gracie Dillon and I am a senior at Loveland High School. This is my first year working on The Loveland Roar and am excited to have the opportunity to write cool articles for my peers. I enjoy reading, writing, and anything involving video games, so I’m happy to incorporate those ideas into my future pieces!


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        Mr. Hutzel

        The GOAT Newspaper Advisor

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