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Ben Hicks

My name is Ben Hicks and I am a senior at Loveland High School. After working as a staff writer and Features Editor the past two years, I will be the Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Loveland Roar this year. I am also involved in football, basketball, unified track, SALT, and Link Crew at LHS. I look forward to exploring how The Roar can expand its viewership through various forms of media this year.

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Sports Editor

Chase Gibson

I'm Chase Gibson, the main sports editor here at The Roar. Sports has been my passion ever since I was little, and I'm very excited to share it with you all! I play golf and basketball for Loveland High School as well, so sports pretty much take up most of my life.


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Staff Writer

Tristan Pfizenmayer

My name is Tristan Pfizenmayer and I am a Senior at Loveland High School. I am an avid Cincinnati sports fan, I aspire to be a sports journalist, analyst and commentator. I am looking forward to using my passion to make engaging content on the paper this year.




    Staff Writer

    Veronica Dallas

    Hi! My name is Veronica and I am a junior this year at Loveland and a student writer for The Roar. I decided to join Journalism because I am passionate about writing and I love experimenting with different stories or writing types, which I can hopefully share this year. In my free time, I like to read, watch movies, and work my hostess job in downtown Loveland. 



      Staff Writer

      Sohani Gauniyal

      I’m Sohani Gauniyal, a junior at LHS this year. Along with being a member of The Roar’s writing staff, I also run the Chess and Mythology Clubs. I’m also into photography and film, and I’m currently working on a short film based around the Loveland Frogman. 



        Jack Gerber

        I’m Jack, I’m a Senior, and this is my third year writing for The Roar.  I enjoy writing for The Roar because I have a passion for news and current events, and I hope to keep the Loveland High School community informed about these topics.  When I’m not writing and editing articles, you can find me running, hiking, or reading a book.

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        Staff Writer

        Sam Crane

        I’m Sam and I’m a staff writer for The Roar. I participate in show choir, play guitar, and love sports. I also follow the news and love to study the political landscape. Go Tigers!

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        Staff Writer

        Nate Dawes

        My name is Nate Dawes and I’m a senior and a writer here for The Roar. I enjoy writing about local businesses and food establishments. I also partake in the Academic Quiz Team here at the high school. I am excited to work alongside everyone else here at The Roar to bring a quality newspaper to the whole school and truly increase our reach a great amount this year.


          Staff Writer

          Summer Gray

          I’m Summer Gray and I am a Junior at Loveland High School. I’m 16, and aside from writing I like to go outdoors, play guitar, run around with friends, and ultimately have fun. Throughout my life, my main goal is to live a successful life surrounded by genuine people. My favorite aspect of The Roar is that I am able to write toward audiences I personally relate to about the things that are actually important and interesting to us. 



            Mr. Hutzel

            The GOAT Newspaper Advisor

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