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Ranking the Top 10 Senior Paws

With the temperature rising and the academic year nearing a close, the Class of 2024 will begin various traditions memorializing their four years as Loveland High School Tigers. While prom and graduation are annual staples for all high schools, and the slip-and-slide, superlatives, and bike ride are one-time events for LHS seniors, senior student-athletes have the opportunity to paint personalized paw prints along Tiger Way (the path to the stadium) for all to see throughout spring. While each design possesses its unique and special meaning, some are more detailed and creative than others. As we did in autumn, The Loveland Roar will be ranking the top 10 senior paws.

10. Brady Burns (12) - Boys Tennis

Being the only boys tennis senior to complete a paw, Burns finds his way onto the list with a simple, yet clean and effective design.

9. Ian Richards (12) - Baseball

As a whole, baseball left much to be desired with their painting, but their 9-4 record on the field makes up for that. Captain Ian Richards, however, utilized tiger stripes, baseball references, and jersey patterns to construct an appealing paw.

8. Frances Green (12) - Girls Lacrosse

The first of three girls lacrosse seniors to crack the top 10, Green’s paw is intricate, yet still sends a clear message. The OSU ‘28 nod, along with the use of different shades of orange are nice components too.

7. Ian Parrish (12) - Boys Volleyball

The rain throughout April doesn’t truly showcase Parrish’s paw, as the black lines on the volleyball have faded. Nonetheless, he takes a unique approach to the four upper paws, and the volleyball as sunlight is an optimistic view as summer approaches.

6. Addy Wilson (12) - Track & Field

Wilson does an excellent job of using the black around the paw, as the orange outline allows the design to pop. The intricate details of the shot put, discus, and 2024 only add to the appeal.

5. Faith Morton (12) - Unified Track

The track design may be the best sports reference of all paws, and the Tiger stripes inside the “0” are strikingly accurate. The mention of her partner, William Swallen (10), perfectly embodies what Unified Track represents.

4. Claire Zeigler (12) - Girls Lacrosse

A relatively simple paw, but as he did in the fall, Tony the Tiger, this time in lacrosse form, steals the show once again.

3. Hannah Pawlikowski (12) - Track & Field

The striped outline, the tiger eyes, the detailed thrower. This paw has it all. Sometimes, too much can be a bad thing, but Pawlikowski perfectly organized her paw into telling a complete story.

2. Abby Arellano (12) - Girls Lacrosse

An often underutilized part of the LHS color palette is gray, but Arellano perfectly complements the traditional orange, black, and white with a subtle light gray. The cheeseburger is a funny addition as well.

1. Calvin Medeiros (12) - Boys Lacrosse

Medeiros includes multiple fonts, extensive detail, patterning, and sports references, earning him the top spot. The tiger head is unique, yet perfectly executed, the number and team play off each other well, and the upper approach serves as the perfect candle on top.

Despite this tradition being exclusive to senior student-athletes, there are fun festivities for all to partake in before school gets out. If you have a chance, check out the paws on your way to catching a Tiger sporting event!

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