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Urban Legends of Ohio: Satan’s Hollow

Have you ever, for whatever reason, wanted to find the door to Hell? Well you’re in luck, there is a tunnel in Ohio called Satan’s Hollow that is supposedly the gateway to Hell.

Satan’s Hollow resides in Blue Ash, Ohio. Tucked away on a private property, Satan’s Hollow is a series of drainage tunnels that is said to be used by a group of Satanists who would perform their rituals in order to summon the devil himself; Satan. It has been said that the rituals performed by the Satanists included holding dark masses (ceremonies), offering sacrifices of both humans and animals, and conjuring the devil. Legend claims that the Satanist succeeded and managed to open a portal to Hell and summon Satan himself.

This tunnel is covered in mysterious graffiti of writings with one particular piece of art standing out: a pentagram and the number 666 written on top (a symbol & number used to represent the devil).

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Screams have reportedly been heard at night, and there have been numerous reports of sightings of many apparitions, including floating skulls and a demon commonly known as The Shadow Man. He is said to be some sort of guardian of Hell that Satan sent here to watch over these passageways. According to legend, the Shadow Man takes on the shape of a human but is entirely obscured, thus his name.

While I have no idea who in their right state of mind would go through these tunnels, David Scott and John Stephens of, who created a web series on the paranormal, decided to go inside the Satan's Hollow tunnel. They decided to wait until sunset to enter the storm drain.

Below is a video taken by David Scott and John Stephens and their journey through the Hollow. Forewarning, this video contains graphic language. Watch at your OWN RISK!

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