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Urban Legends of Ohio: Helltown

Home to multiple different legends, all with its own variations, Boston Township is said to be a place where there are dark rumors of satanic worshipers, a haunted school bus, and restless ghosts in the graveyard, among other things.


Summit County's northernmost region is referred to as "Helltown." Boston Township and Boston Village are the most commonly linked with the Hell Town legends. Boston, which was first inhabited in 1806, is the oldest village in Summit County.

A national movement that expressed concern over the loss of forests started in the late 1960s. President Gerald Ford passed a legislation in 1974 that allowed the National Park Services to buy land and use it to establish national parks in an effort to preserve the forests. As a result, the Township of Boston's land and hundreds of other acres were officially declared as National Recreation Areas on December 27, 1974. Almost immediately after the bill was passed, the government began purchasing homes in Boston Township and the surrounding area. Once the government decided to purchase a property, the owners were forced to relocate.

Legends of Helltown

In Helltown, a little white chapel dubbed The Satanic Church is the subject of popular urban legends. Some locals think that it was previously a site of worship for Satanists, and that these same Satanists still stroll the deserted streets, luring tourists in with rumors of their sinister powers.

Another legend is about an old school bus that sits in the abandoned town. The bus was intended to transport high school kids on a ski vacation, but an elderly woman hailed it down and told the driver that a young boy in her home was gravely injured. However, it was a trap, and a psychotic killer murdered them all. It has been rumored that if you look through the car's windows, you can see the killer's spirit or the ghosts of his victims who are still present inside. Some also say, the children's screams can be heard at night.

The Highway to Hell and The End of the World Road

Serial killers, runaway mental patients, and other strange individuals are rumored to live in the dense woods that surround these roadways, that is, according to the legends. Both roads are claimed to be haunted by demonic entities that will seize control of your vehicle and drive you into death. The Highway to Hell is well-known for its numerous murder tales. Nighttime attacks by serial killers reportedly involve slitting the throats of motorcycle riders.

Many legends surround the "Boston Cemetery," which was named after the founding township. One refers to a ghost who sits on a bench, waiting endlessly for his family to come back to him. Another urban legend associated with the cemetery claims that the only souls who have not been forced to leave the area are the deceased, who sit in this abandoned ghost town looking for their families who have already left.

Even though Helltown is deserted, going there is still permitted. The town is found in Ohio's Boston Township, close to Route 422. Even now, some locals reside outside the boundaries of the designated national park. You could definitely stay overnight; do you really want to though, especially with all the murders that have happened with the killers?

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