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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas.

Valentine's season is finally upon us and that means it’s time for gift shopping. Personally, I am tired of the boring overused red roses and box chocolates. Don’t get me wrong, I love those gifts, but it's 2023. It's time to think more creatively. I have compiled a complete list of unique gifts to get your significant other, friend, or even yourself this Valentine's season.

First, we have Legos. Yes, you heard me, Legos. Legos have multiple flower bouquets that you can purchase from tulips to sunflowers, or even the typical roses. There is something for everyone. The good thing about these flowers though is that they don’t die. It also doubles as a fun date idea and you can build them with whomever you’re gifting them to!

This next one is for all my music lovers. Get them a record player and all their favorite albums. This gift can be expensive so you’d have to be feeling very generous, however it is a very creative gift that anyone will love. It gives them a different more personal way to listen to music other than just on their phone, and it can make for a cute house decoration.

I know you can be tempted to buy the classic silver heart necklace or pandora charm bracelet this Valentine’s season. These are nice gifts, but here is a more creative spin for all my jewelry-buying lovers. First, learn whether they like silver or gold. Nothing is worse than receiving a silver piece of jewelry when you strictly wear gold. Next, figure out their birth month. There are so many jewelry stores that have necklaces catered to someone’s birth month or zodiac sign. My personal favorite are the pendant necklaces from Kendra Scott. They have one for each birth month. I think this gives a really fun personal spin on the classic jewelry gift, and is perfect for someone you don’t know too much about.

Now this one takes a little bit of effort so you have to really care about this person for this idea. Plan a day trip. It doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive or far away. Go somewhere they have always wanted to go or somewhere you have talked about going . Make a fun detailed itinerary and spend the day together. I am a strict believer in experiences over material things so this one is definitely my favorite. Living in the Cincinnati area there are so many places to go downtown, such as Finley Market, Over the Rhine, or if you want to go somewhere a little further take a trip up to Yellow Springs.

If you are on a budget for this Valentine’s Day you can always just write a simple letter. Take an hour or so and write a really heartfelt letter. It is definitely one of the more sentimental gifts on this list and anyone would love to receive it.

I know gift-giving can be very stressful, especially around Valentine’s season. Retire the classic chocolates and think outside of the box with these gift ideas. Comment your own ideas below!

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