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Top 10 Christmas Songs

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With the Christmas Season in full effect, we start to hear all the yearly radio stations and playlists filled with joyful tunes. We love some more than others, and some have certainly left their mark on this holiday. Here are my top 10 songs of this year's Christmas season.

Coming in at number 10 we have “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.” Although a silly tune, this song brings joy and laughter to the season with its intuitive twists to a happy holiday song. Grandma gets run over by a Reindeer every Christmas it seems.

At number 9 comes “O Holy Night,” a classic with its soft undertone bringing a very holy feel to the holidays in a melody that unites us all.

Next, “Jingle Bell Rock” is an easy number 8 with its alternative twist on the Christmas classic. This one will have you at the edge of your seat and on a dance floor in seconds with its upbeat catchy riff.

With number 7, “Little Saint Nick” brings the heat with its wonderful vocal track by the Beach Boys and another iconic classic in Christmas music.

With a newer song at number 6 comes “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson. This song has a very interesting and catchy song that will have you mesmerized all season with the iconic melody stuck in your head. This Christmas all you’ll want “underneath the tree” is this song.

At number 5 comes a Christmas classic “Wonderful Christmas Time,” written by a former band member of the most iconic rock band on earth that shaped music for decades, Paul Mccartney. This song is just what everyone would have wanted from a man as talented as Paul with its interesting synthesizer and simple lyrics (no pun intended). This one will have you humming it for hours.

Number 4 is going to be “This Christmas” By Donny Hathaway. This Christmas song is top class and it tells us about the joy of Christmas and the love that surrounds all of us during this time of year.

Number 3 is an easy one with “Christmas (Baby please come home)” by Darlene Love. This song incorporates everything we love about the holidays with a nostalgic glow to it. It expresses our wanting to be with our loved ones and how the magic derives from those around us. Being alone on Christmas removes the magic; no one deserves to be alone!

Coming in at Number 2 we have “Someday at Christmas” an inspiring song that incentivises change. The song was written during the Vietnam War so it invoked a negative view of the war and how on Christmas we should all be home with our families, not off fighting an unwinnable war waged by our higher ups. It exemplifies a positive message with the motto that one day we will overcome our differences and one day “There will be peace on Earth.”

While there are a lot of worthy choices for Number 1, coming in at the number 1 spot is “Carol of the Bells” regardless of the rendition, this song always sticks out and it is an obvious choice for the top spot. In many Christmas movies and musicals, it is a top holiday song.

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