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The Upcoming Horror Film: Smile

You already know what October means because it's nearly here! Horror stories and frights are in the air. A great way to get ready for Halloween is to watch the upcoming horror movie, Smile! Paramount has unveiled the official trailer for the movie, which was released on June 22, 2022. The trailer alone is spooky, so I imagine the film will be even scarier. Parker Finn, who also wrote the movie Smile, makes his directing debut with it. On September 30, 2022, the upcoming horror film, starring Sosie Bacon, Kal Penn, Jessie T. Usher, and others, will be released.

The movie Smile is based on Parker Finn’s short film Laura Hasn't Slept. Smile is about Dr. Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), a psychiatrist. When a patient visits Rose, she shares seeing something nobody else sees. While the young girl is speaking, she suddenly starts screaming about something that Rose can't see and scrambles back. As Rose runs to the phone to call for help, a creepy smile spreads across the young girl’s face as she grasps a shard of pottery. During the appointment, the girl kills herself in front of Rose. The patient appears to have cut herself on her face in a broad smile based on the body covered in the trailer.

This starts a chain of unfortunate events, as Rose soon notices individuals with the same eerie smile as her previous client staring at her and chanting to her that she is going to die wherever she goes. Determined, Rose starts looking for information with the help of one other person. In an effort to find an explanation for what happened, she learns from her friend that 20 other people have reported seeing some sort of supernatural being, but only one has lived. One week after seeing it, all the others killed themselves. Rose visits the survivor to try to understand why everyone else who witnessed it has perished but he is still alive.

Rose has one week to devise a plan for surviving the Smile, but can she fight back against the stress, the haunts, and worst of all, the Smile?

Here are some of the varied responses that students provided in response to questions about the trailer. Although the plot was "low-key traumatizing," Serenidy Lake (10) said it "didn't have anything unique to stand out and it’s just very bad." After watching the trailer, Tristen Pfizenmayer (11), claims that "the plot seems uninteresting" and that "the entire concept seems stupid and fake." It "made a shiver crawl down my spine, "it made my heart jump in the air", and "probably will make me have nightmares for the next few days," said Grace Soehnlen (10).

Readers, I'm warning you to be cautious when watching this as you get ready for Halloween in case you end up being Smile's next victim. If you ever see someone with a wide smile and vacant eyes, you better be prepared to RUN! Let me know what you think about Smile in the comment!

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