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Urban Legends of Ohio: The Legends Surrounding Rogues Hollow

Rogues Hollow is Ohio's very own version of Sleepy Hollow. Rogues Hollow is one of Ohio's most haunted places, with legends ranging from a haunted mill and a crybaby bridge to a shaking graveyard and a headless horseman. Rogues Hollow was originally a thriving coal mining settlement close to the modern-day town of Doylestown, Ohio, near Cleveland.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Rogues Hollow was a place where gangsters and outlaws would hide because it was far from densely populated areas and any kind of efficient law enforcement. The locals weren't much better; gunfights and armed robberies were pretty common occurrences.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Even though Chidester's Mill mysteriously burned to the ground long ago, it is a well-known legend at Rogues Hollow. According to Chidester Mill lore, the mill was haunted by a ghost. The ghost was thought to be the spirit of a mill worker who had died after falling into a wheel and suffocated by crashing waves. The ghost is said to have jealously guarded the area, supposedly started the Chidester House fire, and destroyed the mill after a stranger expressed interest in buying the property.

A more recent tale is of the Crybaby Bridge. It has been said that a family had been traveling across the bridge when their car slid on an icy patch and plunged into the river. The couple was killed instantly, but their baby was stranded in the car and slowly starved to death. Even today, its cries can be heard in the surrounding woods. Other variations of the tale claim a woman threw her newborn baby off the bridge, and the remorseful mother can sometimes be seen weeping over the railing or wandering the roads nearby.

You can find out if the legends are true by visiting Doylestown, Ohio. If you're lucky, you might see some unexplainable things happen. You might come across the ghostly figure of the woman wandering the streets close to the bridge. Or maybe you’ll hear the cries of the baby near the woods!

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