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The Legend of the Walhalla Road

How many of you know about the different urban legends and ghost stories that have happened right here in Ohio? Do you know about the Mooney Mansion and what happened there?

No one knows where the legend of the Walhalla Road exactly came from or what exactly happened. But all the stories circle back to the Mooney family. There have been many different variations over the years, but one thing all the versions have in common is that there is a strange blue light coming out of the attic window.

All of the different tales of the Walhalla Road convey that in the 1950s there lived a couple and their daughter. It has been articulated that one day Dr. Mooney lost himself to insanity and murdered his wife and daughter with an ax and buried the bodies after coming to realization. A few days later Dr. Mooney’s crime came out and he got arrested, tried, and convicted.

Momentarily after Dr. Mooney’s execution, people began seeing a dark figure of a man pacing back and forth in the attic of the deserted mansion. People have been voicing that along with the dark figure of a man, they have seen a peculiar blue light coming out of the attic window.

There is another version of this legend that says that after Dr. Mooney killed his wife and daughter, he hanged himself under the Calumet Street bridge. There have been reports saying if you were to drive under the bridge, you might see the ghostly form of Dr. Mooney hanging up there.

There is one more variation of the legend, but while this variation is not common it will keep you up at night. It has been rumored that if you went and knocked on the door of the Mooney Mansion, you would hear the dead wife’s head rolling down the attic stairs, and out the front door. So be careful when knocking on someone’s door in the middle of the night, you might end up losing your head. The Walhalla Road that Leads to the Mooney Mansion

Photo Courtesy of Rafterman2009 from Flickr

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