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The Effects of Violent Games

A topic discussed a lot between parents and kids is whether they should be able to play violent video games. Studies have shown that they can affect the brain, but is it all negative, or is there a light shown on the topic? Kids should be allowed to have fun with friends online when they cannot be together in real life, but does that necessitate playing violent video games?

Numerous studies have attempted to determine whether violent games correlate with real-life aggression. According to FBI statistics, crime in 2011 through 2012 still managed to have 12.9% fewer violent crimes than in 2008, possibly to do with consoles and the release of more video games, specifically violent ones. In 2008 PlayStation two was released, and as we know, it is one of the most popular consoles. According to Nielsen, they claim 31.7% of all measured console minutes. The information above correlates with the information presented because past statistics have shown that violent video games have impacted real life today and how they’re making people more hostile.

Violent games can positively change society; you can learn valuable life skills such as decision-making. So, how exactly do violent video games improve one's decision-making skills? Easy answer, trial and error. According to a study by the University of Rochester, people who play first-person shooters regularly develop a heightened sensitivity to their surroundings. Daphne Bavelier, a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester, says, "people who play action games have faster reaction time than people who do not play the games," referring to shooter games as action games. Also, scientists find that games are better at making quick and accurate decisions based on their surroundings. The significant improvements in performance seen with action video games could be due to how they are naturally unpredictable.

It was found that video games can be very therapeutically beneficial, even violent games, since playing games can develop positive structural brain changes.

With the intensity and complexity of each game comes learning to deal with stress and strategizing, followed by hypothesis testing. Therefore, it becomes much easier to side with the benefits of playing video games when looking at the pros and cons of video games.

While video games have adverse effects, they also have many positive effects that are often overlooked. Video games can have a positive impact on the world. They can keep violent people in their homes and provide essential skills, and when you need to relax but still want to have fun, they are a good stimulant. While the negative aspects of video games are always highlighted, there are vast positive benefits of video gaming that many people fail to acknowledge.

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