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Stellarlune: Book Review

Fans of Lisa McMann's Unwanted series will enjoy Shannon Messenger's new novel Stellarlune! It is the ninth installment in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. It is a young adult fantasy novel that was recently released.

I just finished this book and I was screaming my head off (figuratively, of course); Shannon Messenger did not let me down. I got the ending I had hoped for after a long wait. I highly recommend you read this series; you will not regret it!

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In this action-packed novel, Stellarlune delivers a 700+ page adventure in magical warfare, teenage relationship issues, mind manipulation, and more, all while trying to stay alive against the villains. There's also a long-awaited kiss, and we can't forget about the customary cliffhanger ending. WARNING - Spoilers ahead.

Synopsis: In the ninth installment, Sophie Foster has changed the game. She is now being faced with impossible choices: when to act, when to try, and when to give up. As she tries to find Keefe, her friends are divided and the Black Swan wants Sophie to concentrate on their own projects. But her instincts are directing her elsewhere, to someone else. Stellarlune - and the elusive Elysian - could hold the key to everything.

However, discovering the truth in the Lost Cities always has a price; a sacrifice. Just like all the other times, Sophie found out the truth. Only will the price be too big this time? And as the Neverseen's plans become clearer, it appears that everyone has made a mistake. How far is Sophie Foster willing to go in order to defeat the Neverseen? Will she be able to make the sacrifice needed or will she lose it all for the one she loves? There will be encounters with evil forces, excruciating pain, enemies, and tests that will put boundaries to the limits.

When reading this whole series I really liked how the author made Sophie Foster a strong female character; a bright and enthusiastic student. I especially liked how the author was able to keep the readers, including me, entertained throughout the whole series as it is really long.

However, there were a few aspects of this book that disappointed me. The first half felt a little too focused on Sophie's angst. I was getting tired of her complaining and bad attitude. Even though the bodyguard, Ro kept saying in the book that she liked Sophie's new attitude, I found it annoying.

While this wasn’t my favorite book of the series, it was still pretty good and overall I would give this novel 4.5/5 stars and would recommend you read it.

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