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Reviewing Loveland Neighborhood Christmas Lights

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As Christmas approaches, everyone is setting up their Christmas decorations. The whole town is getting in the Christmas spirit from Christmas trees to colorful lights outside. The best part of Christmas is the outside lights that people use to decorate the outside of their homes. I decided to drive around different neighborhoods in Loveland and review their Christmas lights.

Belle Meade: This neighborhood doesn’t disappoint with its Christmas lights. White lights seem to be a staple of the houses in this neighborhood. There are some houses that combine colored and white lights, which don’t always look the best. However, the best light display by far is the house with the wooden grinch that is posed to look like he is taking the light off the house. Even the entrance of this neighborhood is fully decorated with white lights on the sign and the little trees.

O’Bannon Creek: To my surprise, there were a lot of houses that were not decorated at all. Only a couple of houses per street had any decorations at all. The most memorable house was towards the back with large draped lights over the house. It was definitely worth the drive to the back of the neighborhood for it. I loved the inflatable decorations too. I counted at least 4 abominable snowman blow-ups from the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

White Pillars: White Pillars was spreading lots of Christmas cheer with their extensive lights. Some displays had an eclectic combination of colors. Lots of houses had different shades of multicolored strands. However, I loved how lots of houses participated in the light show. Lots of houses had accent lighting that did not mix well with the lights. Overall, I loved this neighborhood’s decorations for the holiday season.

Claiborne: There were very few houses that were decorated for the holiday season. The houses that were decorated were very simplistic, which I appreciated. There were a lot of houses that used projection lights that display moving patterns of polka-dots and snowflakes on the house. Personally, I don’t love this approach to Christmas lights, but I’m sure they are much easier to set up than stringing lights on bushes.

Pheasant Hills: When I first drove into the neighborhood, I was concerned that there would be no lights throughout the neighborhood because the first street of houses did not have any kind of lights set up. But after driving farther into the neighborhood, more lights decorated the houses. This neighborhood had lots of very tall trees with skinny trunks which had lots of potential for Christmas lights, however, I didn't see a single house that decorated them at all.

Miami Trails: Since this neighborhood is one of the biggest ones in Loveland, there were lots of houses that were decked out in tons of lights. There were lots of lights draped over the landscaping in the front of the houses. Almost every street was illuminated with Christmas lights and it was the perfect neighborhood to drive through if you are looking for lots of lights.

All of the neighborhoods had their own unique characteristics about each of them. Just looking at all the houses lit up got me in the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend taking a drive through each of these neighborhoods to see their amazing light displays.

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