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Ranking Taylor Swift Albums Pt.2

At number 4 we have Lover. I honestly really love this album, and I think it is very different from the rest. A lot of her albums have a very serious tone to them but this one is the exact opposite. It has a more fun lighthearted tone that sets it apart from the rest of her discography. Let’s not forget the iconic songs this album gives us: “Lover,” “Paper Rings,” “The Man,” to name a few.

At number 3 we have Reputation. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like this album at first but the more I listen to it the more I love it. The angry tone this album has is perfect. I scream this album in the car everytime I’m in a bad mood.It is very much the “angry stage after a breakup” type vibe and I absolutely love it. Some of my favorites from the album are “Getaway Car,” “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” “New Years Day,” and “Dress.” I can not explain my love for the song “Getaway Car.” I have it on multiple playlists and listen to it almost every day.

At number two we have Evermore. Evermore is Taylor’s most recent album and my love for it is insane. Evermore is honestly the best fall album. It has the coolest autumn vibe and I love it. Evermore definitely has a more calm and sad tone which is what I love most about it, because it’s the type of music I listen to most often. Also the way the songs are written in this album are insane. The lyrics are all so creative and perfectly crafted. Some of my favirotes from this album include, “Champagne Problems,” “‘Tis the Damn Season, “Tolerate it,” and “Right Where You Left Me.”

Finally at number one, we have Folklore. Released in 2020 Folklore has to be my favorite album of all time, not just Taylor Swift’s. I honestly think it’s just because I relate to this album the most, but I’m not mad about it. I can confidently say that there are no skips on this album. It’s so hard to even say my favorites but they’ll have to be “The 1,” “Cardigan,” “The Last Great American Dynasty,” “Mirrorball,” “August,” “This is Me Trying,” and “Illicit Affairs.” I know that was a lot, but like I said, there are no skips on this album. My current favorite as of now is definitely “Mirrorball” because I just like the message behind it and the symbolism behind the lyrics is insane. “August” has also been one of my recent favorites, but I did listen to it every day, on repeat in the month of August. Now that it’s September, it feels a little illegal to listen to but I still do it anyway, just not as much.

That officially concludes all of the Taylor Swift album ranking. Feel free to comment your rankings down below!

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