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Ranking Taylor Swift Albums Pt.1

Since Taylor Swift's new album Midnight came out last week. I thought it would be a good idea to look at her past albums. Taylor has a total of 9 whole albums so ranking them all in one article would be a bit overwhelming, so I’m splitting the rankings between 2 articles. Here are the bottom 5:

At number 9 we have her self-titled album, Taylor Swift. Personally, I have not listened to a lot of songs on this album just because it was made so long ago. It also has a more country vibe, and I hate country music. It does have some iconic hits like “Picture to Burn '' and “Teardrops On My Guitar,” however those are the only two I really listen to. It was a great debut album but looking back it doesn’t compare to her more recent albums.

At number 8 we have Red. I love Red so much, but it is the album I listen to the least. The only song I listen to consistently from that album is “All Too Well,” and when I do listen to it, it is the 10 min version. It does have some other iconic songs like “22,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but, as I said earlier, I don’t listen to them a lot.

At number 7 we have 1989. This Album is definitely very underrated. I will say sometimes I forget it exists and then I’ll listen to it and love it. “Style,” and “Welcome To New York,” are such good songs. “This Love,” and “Blank Space” are the perfect songs to scream to in the car. The only reason this album isn’t higher is because of how much I love the other albums.

At number 6 we have Fearless. I'm going to be completely honest, I would have put this album behind 1989 if it was not for one song and one song only, and that's, “The Way I Loved You.” That song is just one of the most iconic Taylor Swift songs and one I scream to every time I am in the car. I know you shouldn’t base a whole album on one song but in this case, I think it’s an exception. Now I am not saying the rest of the album is bad, we do have some other great songs like “Love Story,” “Hey Stephen,” and “You Belong With Me.” However, “That’s The Way I Love You” will forever be one of my favorites.

At number 5 we have Speak Now. Speak Now has such a cute love story vibe to it and I love it. It is very much a breakup album and I’m living for it. The highlights of this album are definitely “Dear John,” “Better Than Revenge,” and the iconic “Enchanted.” “Enchanted” is one of my favorite Taylor songs ever. Whenever I am in the car with my sister it is the first song I play. I definitely put it in the same category as

“That’s The Way I Loved You,” even though they are from different albums.

Check back soon to see where I rank the rest of the albums!

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