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Loveland Bike Trail is Closed for the Season

The Loveland Bike Trail has always been a staple of the Loveland community and has brought in large numbers of tourists and athletes. It is a great place to start a business around, especially during the warmer months. It has become a local spot for many residents, with many frequently visiting it weekly. However, because of the recent events, the trail will be closed this upcoming summer.

There was recently an abundance of bikers on the trail, regardless of the cold weather. So many people, in fact, that it started to gain popularity across the country. Celebrities from all over the country started booking trips to Loveland in order to get a chance to check out the new hotspot. Big names such as Taylor Swift and Drake stopped by and snapped a few pictures with fans. However, this new influx of people was never anticipated when the trail was under construction. Millions of people have been on and off of the trail within the past couple of months and the effects are beginning to become apparent.

The bike trail was constructed in the 1980s and became a part of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in 1984. Back then, no one expected so many people to utilize the trail so the construction job was lackluster. There were already fissures within the tar and some miles don’t have any lumbar support at all. The tar has begun to wear and is losing its slick, black color. The mile markers have been completely vandalized, leaving them completely unrecognizable. You can’t walk fifteen feet without an influencer trying to interview you for their street interview Tiktoks. The businesses surrounding the trail have also had more detrimental effects because of the growing popularity. Restaurants such as The Works, Ramsey’s Trailside, and Bishop’s Quarter have all had too many complaints about the crowded restaurants that were once such a joy to hang out in after visiting the trail. The Loveland Fire Department has issued many warnings about fire safety issues due to the overflow of customers in these small eateries.

While none of the residents or businesses in Loveland want to close down the trail, especially during such a busy season, the councilors' hand has been forced. This has become such a pressing issue that President Biden himself has issued an Executive Order demanding that the trail be closed at once. If the demands are not met, the Marine Corps will be sent in to direct traffic away from the trail, all 78 miles of it. Many residents of Loveland are left wondering what will happen to the bike trail, will it be fixed or managed better in the future? Representatives of Clermont and Hamilton County have assured all with a public statement stating the following: “The Bike Trail will be under construction in order to rehabilitate it to its former glory. As of now, we are closed for the summer. We hope that fans of the trail will return once the proper changes have been made.”

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