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Is Lea Michele Illiterate?

As Lea Michele gears up to take center stage as Fanny Brice on Broadway's revival of Funny Girl, rumors of her education, or lack thereof, are resurfacing. Many of you might know Lea Michele from the hit TV show Glee where she played the role of Rachel Berry. If you know Lea Michele, you have definitely heard of the many rumors spread about her. The most popular one being that she can’t read. Why is thi rumor spreading, do you think it’s true?

This rumor isn’t one that came out of thin air; there is actually a lot of evidence to back it. First off,Lea Michelle began her career as a child star acting on Broadway. She was always acting and never had time to go to school and get a proper education. One of the Broadway productions Lea Michele starred in was called Spring Awakening. She was a part of the production for 6 years, auditioning when she was 14, and performing until she was 20. Many believe she continued to perform this musical for as long as she could so she never had to learn new material.

Another reason to back up this conspiracy is Lea Michele’s career as an author. Michele “wrote'' a book titled Brunette Ambition. However, could one really consider this a book, as it consists of very few words and is instead filled with pictures, workouts, and recipes. Another theory that went along with this is her book signing events, at which in every photograph taken of the events, Michele is never signing the book; her pen is always hovering slightly over it.

The next two reasons come from her time on Glee, where Michele's character, Rachel Berry, was always known for singing hit Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion songs. Many believe she did this so that she didn’t ever have to read lyrics to new songs. After her time on Glee, Michele acted on a different TV show called Scream Queens. Many believe she did this because the show was directed by Ryan Murphy, the same man who directed Glee because he would have already known her secret and could easily tell the lines to her.

This last piece of evidence is a little far-fetched, however, it’s still a popular one, it all has to do with her Instagram posts. Michele always captions her posts with emojis rather than with actual words. People say that when the picture has emojis as a caption it's her posting, but when there are words, it’s her assistant. They also claim that if there are both emojis and words, her assistant wrote the caption and let her pick the emojis after.

What do you think? Is Michele illiterate, or is this all just a rumor? Comment your beliefs below.

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