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Homecoming Restaurant Ideas

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With Homecoming on the horizon this weekend, I have compiled a list of my top five Loveland homecoming restaurant ideas. These restaurants are ones that I have eaten at and approved of with much success and recommendation. here’s how I would rank them:

At number five I have Teak. Teak is a brand new restaurant that just opened up in the Loveland Station building, where Lovebird used to be. Teak is a sushi and Thai restaurant with a variety of different options like crispy duck, jungle noodles, seared salmon, and sushi. With dozens of southeastern Asian specialties, not only will you widen your palate, but you’ll definitely impress your date.

Number four is Rodi Italian. Rodi is an upscale Italian restaurant, known for their pizza, and they also have lasagna, bolognese, and s’ghetti. I went last year for Homecoming and the food was great. While their restaurant has a fancy aesthetic, it didn’t break the bank, with dinner only costing me around fifty dollars (but I believe they have raised their prices since then). It is a very fancy establishment. I would definitely recommend trying it before the dance.

Number three is Bishop’s Quarter. Right in the heart of Loveland, Bishop’s has the prettiest architecture in the area. It has three floors with an outdoor area on each, including a top-floor patio. On weekends, a live band keeps diners entertained while they chow down on the delicious Cajun dishes They sell shrimp, gumbo, and other bayou specialties with a spicy flavor unlike any other in the area. While Cajun food may not be the most common meal to precede a dance, breaking routine can be an interesting way to try new things, and just have fun. Bishop’s Quarter is a great place to take your date or group this Saturday night.

Number two is Tano. With its wonderful dishes, Tano is an excellent food choice. Although a lot more expensive, many say that the cost is justified in the quality of their food. They have wonderful dishes including pork chops, shrimp etouffee, and stuffed salmon. Since Tano is very expensive, with many of its dishes ranging between twenty to fifty-six dollars, make sure that your date is the one before you go. Although you’re paying top dollar, the experience at Tano is one unlike anything else downtown, which is sure to dazzle your date.

Finally, number one has got to be Ramsey’s. One of the most renowned places in town, I had to put it at number one because of its prime location along the bike trail. It’s one of the most notable restaurants in Loveland, with its location, atmosphere, and wonderful food. When it’s warm you can sit right alongside the trail, but when it gets colder, you can eat inside and watch the game. The food is great, from the soft pretzels to the bowls, you’re sure to find something for you on the menu, and all at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend going to dinner at Ramsey’s for your homecoming date or group.

Consider eating at any of these restaurants, not just because you would be supporting local businesses, but because their food is excellent. Make sure to stay safe and have a good time on Saturday night!

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