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Getting Involved: Loveland Show Choirs

As January begins so does the competition season for Loveland Show Choir. The Show Choir program here at Loveland consists of three groups: Revolution, the mixed middle school group, Allure, the all-girls high school group, and By Request, the mixed high school group. Tryouts for the high school groups take place in April, and they officially start their season in September. The show choirs learn their competition choreography in September, preparing it for their competition season in January. They have a 45-minute class period every day and practice for two hours Monday and Thursday evenings.

Both high school groups are under the direction of Mr. Miller, a music teacher at the high school, however, they have different choreographers. Allure is choreographed by Tori Brindis, a popular show choir choreographer from Los Angeles, California. By Request is choreographed by show choir choreographer Jarad Voss, from Plainfield, Indiana. I sat down with Allure member Mckenna Heider (11) and asked her what she loved most about learning from Tori Brindis. She said that, “She’s always so inclusive and is always willing to go over choreography for clarification as well as ask questions and just keeps the environment feeling pumped up and fun. She’s just a ball of joy and I get so happy anytime we can work with her.”

Show choir shows usually consist of 4 songs plus a slow ballad, and they typically have a theme to them. Allure’s show has the theme of “Woodstock,” a popular music festival from the 1970s. The theme pays homage to assistant director Donna Bernstein who is retiring this year, and actually attended Woodstock. Their show this year consists of a lot of popular 70’s hits including “Mustang Sally,” by Andrew Strong, “The Chain,” by Fleetwood Mac, and “Love, Peace, and Happiness,” by The Isley Brothers.

By Request’s shows don’t usually have a theme, however, this year they do. It’s not as specific as Allure’s, however, all their songs have the similar vibe and theme of being yourself and living your life the way you want to. Their songs this year include: “I don’t wanna be” by Gavin Mcgrall used in the popular teen drama show One Tree Hill, “Livin My Best Life,” by Ben Rector, “Nothing Else Matters,” by Metallica, “Feel Good,” by Jordan Smith, and “You Do You,” By Zayde Wolf. I sat down with By Request member and Dance Captain Tricia Halili-Felse (12), who said that her, “favorite song is our closer, “You Do You.” It feels like a classic By Request song which makes senior year feel full circle.”

Both choirs compete at multiple competitions throughout the country from January to March. Some interesting places they have gone are Chicago, New York City, Orlando, and to the national competition in Nashville. This year they will be going to two competitions in Indiana, three competitions in Ohio, and one all the way in Connecticut. When asked what his favorite part of going to competitions was, By Request member and second number soloist, Sam Crane (11) said that, “I love how fun it is to travel to new places at these competitions, it’s always a different experience everywhere we go. It is also really cool to meet new people and make new friends from other choirs around the country.”

If you are looking for a new activity/class for next year you should consider show choir. It’s a great community and a whole lot of fun! If you’re interested, auditions will take place mid-April. More information will be available at closer to April!

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