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Getting Involved: LHS Swim Club

If you came to Loveland High School as a freshman, you were probably told about the pool on the roof of the building by your freshman orientation Link Crew leaders. This has been a running joke throughout LHS for years but starting this spring, it won’t be a joke anymore. Beginning this year, LHS will have its very own swim club.

Led by LHS AP Astrology teacher, Wilbert Lanchester, students will get to enjoy “fun in the sun” every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school from 2:40-3:40. Lanchester is very excited to lead the club. Still, he has one very strict rule that every member must follow. “The AP Chemistry students will also use the pool to test how certain chemicals react with the chlorine in the pool,” says Lanchester. “In order to combat residual chemicals, full-body deep-sea water suits and oxygen tanks are required for entry into the pool.” There also must be lifeguards on duty. Currently, Lanchester is working with local pools to find lifeguards who are willing to work for free on the roof of Loveland High School. “It’ll be a great experience,” says Lanchester. “We can’t pay you but it’ll still be great!”

As mentioned before, the club will meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the weather stays warm. Mondays will be designated for competitive Marco Polo tournaments, Wednesdays are for dive competitions on the 50-foot high dive currently being constructed, and Fridays are free-swim days where the members get the freedom to pick what they do.

If you have any further questions, feel free to talk to Mr. Lanchester in room 409.

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