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Getting Involved: LHS Protesting Club

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

The high school has added a new club to build on its already strong foundation of clubs and after-school activities. Introducing the LHS Protesters Club. “The goal of this club is to allow students to exercise their first amendment right and talk about things that matter to them and their fellow peers,” says Tristian Pfizenmayer (11). “I created this club because there are way too many things that we protestors do not agree with at this school, and we believe we can be the catalysts for change,” Pfizenmayer adds.

This club meets in the art hallway every day in order to make signs for their upcoming protest. Some of the protests they have already held include; a protest against E-Hallpass because they believe the school is tracking them, a protest against clubs because they are “exclusive to specific people,” and a protest against St Patrick’s Day because they believe it excludes non-Irish people.

This club is rapidly growing in popularity and Pfizenmayer could not be more excited about it. “I just love when people are divided amongst each other and couldn’t be more excited about the growing divisiveness that is about to take over this school.” The Protesting Club's next meeting takes place at 3:30 on April 9th in order to protest themselves because they hate clubs and they are a club. “Sometimes you have to take accountability, look at yourself in the mirror and make change happen,” says Pfizenmayer, providing his reasoning behind this bizarre occurrence. Join the LHS Protest Club!

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