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Getting Involved: International Club

I interviewed Kate Krabacher (12) about her role in International Club. Krabacher decided to take on a leadership role this year; she wanted to help continue international club for years to come.

Most people join for the food, which in Krabacher’s opinion is a fantastic bonus, but International Club has so much more to offer. You get to dive into different cultures, learn about the unique heritage of the excellent food, and meet some fantastic people.

International club allows you to expand your knowledge; it opens up the doors for so many different learning opportunities. Getting an insight into other parts of the world that we typically don’t give any mind to allows us to gain a greater appreciation for our lives. Also, if you decide traveling is a route for you in the future, International Club will teach you about customs and traditions from countries across the globe. It’ll help you to avoid culture shock, as stinky French cheese will make you queasy if you’re not expecting it.

Joining is a great opportunity to bond with friends, all while trying unique dishes from around the world such as some Dora-Yaki, Currywurst, or Eintopf.

If you are interested in joining International club, please contact Krabacher @katekrbacher on Instagram.

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