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Getting Involved: FCA

Photo courtesy of sspiehs3 on Pixabay

The LHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has started a new year with brand new student presidents: Matt McCarthy (12) and Evan Miller (12). FCA is a way for students interested in learning more about Christianity and the gospel to connect with like-minded peers. Despite the name, any student is welcome to attend, not just athletes. “It’s great being able to talk to people and share the gospel with them,” McCarthy said.

Most of the time, McCarthy and Miller lead large group discussions about the gospel, giving all members the opportunity to chime in and/or ask questions. Other times, FCA brings in guest speakers for its members. “Last year we had three guest speakers come in,” McCarthy said. “We had one priest and two other volunteer speakers.” It is still early in the year, so McCarthy and Miller have not had any speakers yet, but they hope to host a few this year.

FCA, on its own, has been around for over 50 years and has become an international organization, but Loveland FCA has its own unique aspects to it. After spending time meeting with the FCA at Kings High School, these qualities were highlighted. “We have one of the bigger FCAs compared to other schools,” said McCarthy. “A lot of schools have reached a peak for their FCA, they only have a certain number of kids who come, but every week we see new people and more people.” So far, McCarthy estimates that roughly 20-30 people have attended meetings this year, but that number has been and is expected to keep growing.

Along with the leadership of Miller and McCarthy, Loveland FCA has three teacher advisors: Mr. Geiger, Mr. Vanatsky, and Mrs. Henderson. These advisors have played substantial roles in the growth of Loveland FCA. One of McCarthy’s best memories from last year’s FCA meetings was when Mr. Vanatsky himself spoke to the group about how the gospel has applied to his life specifically.

McCarthy and Miller have a lot of plans for Loveland FCA moving forward. “We have plans on creating t-shirts and bracelets,” McCarthy said. “We [also] want to have special holiday [meetings] for Christmas and Easter, where we speak the gospel about that.”

All in all, Miller and McCarthy like that, after a busy week of school, they are able to provide everyone with a relaxing morning filled with enriching conversation and donuts!

If you have any questions about Loveland FCA, reach out to or Otherwise, meetings are every Friday morning before school.

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