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Getting Involved: Dungeons & Dragons Club

It’s after school on a Friday. You’re in the library playing Dungeons and Dragons with your friends. Your character is in a fight, if you don’t get this next move right, he’ll die. The Dungeon Master has you roll a 20-sided die. Your character’s fate hinges on this roll. You roll the die. The whole room tenses up. It rolls to a stop, and sure enough, it lands on 20. Your character is safe, your party can continue. At every meeting, Dungeons and Dragons Club is filled with scenes like these.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game in which a group of players embark on an adventure through a fantasy world. As players face challenges, they have to resolve them by rolling dice to determine their fate. The game is led by a Dungeon Master, who controls the story. The fun that this game elicits is unable to be described, just try the game yourself and see how fun it is!

Jamie Brown (10), Club President and Dungeon Master enjoys Dungeons and Dragons Club because it “gives you the chance to collaborate with your friends to create a story that all of you are invested in.” Brown says that “during a campaign, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll celebrate your wins, and you’ll mourn your losses, but you’ll always be having fun and getting closer to your party.”

Brown’s favorite memory from a meeting is when “one of our parties managed to convince their Dungeon Master to make Jay-Z a god in their game, then proceeded to earn themselves a free room for the night by singing Empire State of Mind.”

Anyone can join the club. Brown says that “all you really need is a group, a willingness to engage with the story, and a sense of humor.”

If you’re interested in joining, Dungeons and Dragons club meets on Fridays in the library every other week, and the next meeting is on Friday the 10th.

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