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Getting Involved: Adapted P.E.

I interviewed Ms. Connor about her part in adapted P.E. This is the most do-good class you could join. It started when a teacher approached Connor and told her that her regular gym class was a competition for kids with disabilities, and they felt excluded. So she put together an adapted P.E. class where the students had more accessible tools, for example, using a giant beach volleyball instead of a normal one.

Connor didn’t want the students to feel isolated, so she asked for mentors. These mentors show up every day during the second bell and join whatever the other students do that week. They do a unit for two weeks, then move to the next unit. These mentors work as advocates for students with disabilities. A lot of people don’t know how to approach people with disabilities, so they help to break that barrier. This also leads some mentors down a career path working with people with special needs.

Right before the break, they had a Holiday Hoedown. Everyone was welcome. Students danced, talked to Santa, opened presents, and even got to pet miniature horses. The mentors and students all got a partner and made a dance; Kepler Taylor (12) even performed a Taylor Swift tribute. They also all learned a square dance, which is relatively simple so that everyone could join in.

Connors also believes universal learning design should be used across the board. That’s what she uses when it comes to this class. Catering to each student individually is a big part of how she does things.

If you are interested in mentoring, you can sign up for it on your schedule for next year.

Getting Involved: Adapted P.E.

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