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Getting Involved: Magnified Giving

The Magnified Giving Club is all about giving back to the community. Students in the club give their time and donate to nonprofit organizations. Some examples of what they did last year are volunteering at soup kitchens, holding fundraisers, and gathering hygiene products to give to homeless shelters. Magnified Giving not only helps others tremendously but also makes members feel good knowing they are doing good for their community.

Magnified Giving was brought to Loveland High School a couple of years ago. It is a large organization that has posts in Greater Cincinnati, Central Ohio, Northeastern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. The organization helps youth groups between the 6th and 12th grades explore philanthropy, service, social causes, and community nonprofits. Every group that signs up for Magnified Giving receives a thousand dollars to donate to a nonprofit. They also offer a service learning camp for 5th through 9th graders and training on how to become involved in community service.

Maya Stokes (12) assumed a leadership role this year. She chose to do this because it’s a good opportunity to give back, it makes her feel fulfilled, and she was a member of the club last year. Stokes is excited to build on the direction the former leaders were pushing towards and help other people do good for the community.

The club hasn’t held any official meetings yet, but they plan on holding one sometime this month on a Monday. During the meetings they’ll discuss what organizations they’ll be working with, the work they have done, how they can improve, and any other ideas members have. If you are interested in joining Magnified Giving please contact Stokes at (513) 344-4283.

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