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Christmas in Loveland Review

As the Winter season continues on, Loveland residents were treated to one of the city’s pre-Christmas events, Christmas in Loveland, to help add to the holiday spirit. This year, it fell on the weekend of December 16th. It featured the traditional sights of food trucks, local businesses, and more, all setting up shop downtown, with decorations hung up to make the scenery fitting. 

Christmas in Loveland always sees a profusion of people show up for the festivities, and this year was no different. As the streets were packed, attendees could find various attractions to help their Christmas spirit swell such as a Mac and Cheese food truck, the ever-popular and always lengthy Funnel Cake food truck line, and even vendors selling glowing Christmas-themed swords. 

The mac and cheese truck sold flavors such as a bold cheddar for patrons to try, while the funnel cake truck sold a wide variety of flavors ranging from a sour green apple all the way to cookies and cream. These were all found down an alley of tents which were set up across the street from Paxton’s and Ramsey’s along the bike trail for local businesses to promote their services to all the passersby. It also is situated next to the large area where a stage is put up for festive music, while hot chocolate is served for free off to the side. A backdrop of two large trees decked out with decorations was created behind the area this year, bringing the overall picturesque look of the event together

The weather of the night was a nice balance of an ideal winter chill and a mild enough temperature to not be frustrating. Later in the night, the anticipation of rain did weigh on the minds of attendees, with it finally hitting after a period of on-and-off sprinkles. Even if the night ended with a shower most didn’t care for, it didn’t hamper the Christmas spirit and joy of the event.

Overall, Christmas in Loveland was yet again another community-unifying success this year, and here’s to a great 2024 and an even greater Christmas in Loveland for this year as well!

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