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Winter Dance Overview

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As the temperatures drop and winter nears, one thing is for certain, the winter dance is soon approaching.  The winter dance is a great opportunity for students to engage with their community and enjoy a fun evening with friends.  This year’s winter dance will occur from 8 to 10 PM on Thursday, December 21st, the night of the 2023 winter solstice and the last day of the fall semester.  Tickets will be $10 for the dance.

Instead of occurring after winter break as is typical of the winter dance, the dance will be held before break to celebrate the end of the semester.  This year’s theme is “Winter Wonderland,” a theme sure to inspire many wintry outfits.  At the dance, students will be able to purchase hot chocolates and winter treats, perfect complements to the winter theme.  While the dance was held in the cafeteria in the past, this year, the dance will be held in the lobby near the media center, providing an interesting change of setting and a more traditional “school dance” vibe.  Instead of being a winter homecoming dance occurring after a basketball game as was common in the past, this dance is completely independent, allowing students to have more flexibility and to make prior plans like going out to a nice dinner.

Leading up to the dance will be two weeks of festivities including spirit days, a movie during lunch, and cookie decorating for seniors.  Spirit days will include Snow Day, Pajama Day, and Sweater Day.  During exam week, students will be able to watch The Polar Express during lunch.  Additionally, seniors will be able to decorate cookies and play “Name that Christmas Song” during lunch.

This year, students will be able to send a message to that special someone through the “winter sweetheart” promotion, in which students can pay to anonymously send a message to their beloved.  This makes a great opportunity for one to confess his or her secret feelings for another.  Students will be able to submit messages to their sweethearts starting on December 11th, and they will be delivered on the 15th, the following Friday.

Senior Class Vice President Maura Johnson (12) told The Loveland Roar that she’s “super excited about the ‘rebrand’ of this dance” because student council will be “switching it all up from the last few winter dances.”  She said that she looks forward to the festivities leading up to the dance and to the “winter sweetheart” promotion.  She also told The Roar that more details regarding the dance will be announced “very soon.”


Senior Sam Crane (12) told The Roar that he intends to attend the winter dance since “it sounds like a great way to end off the semester leading up to Christmas break” and that he looks forward “to attending the dance with friends.”  He said that while “it won’t necessarily be as big as homecoming,” he is “excited to have fun with my friends.”

Make sure to buy tickets to and bring friends (or a date) to this year’s winter dance!

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