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What's the Beef between the Irish and The Queen?

Friday evening a group of Shamrock Rover F.C. fans gathered in Dublin to watch a soccer match, during which they learned of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. During the game the Irish fans started to scream, sing, and chant “Lizzy’s in a box” while pumping their fists and clapping enthusiastically. Other members of the Irish community were celebrating in the streets. The question everyone’s wondering is, what is the beef between the Irish and The Queen of England?

The Republic of Ireland gained its independence from the British in 1922, however, Northern Ireland remained under the control of the British, even though they were opposed. The Queen ruled during conflicts with Northern Ireland. The British also caused the Potato Famine by exporting all of Ireland’s food, killing millions of Irish citizens. This happened before most Irish citizens in the year 2022 were born, however forgetting the past with the British is something that most Irish folks aren’t quite ready for.

Elizabeth was also allegedly a racist. When Harry married Meghan there were many racist things said against Meghan. The Queen didn’t speak up on her behalf. This didn’t prove that she is racist, but it sparked a conversation about the racist things she has done. She would host parties where people were encouraged to show up wearing blackface brooches, a pin mocking black people. She banned people of color from working around her and suppressed their economic opportunities.

Other countries celebrating The Queen's death include India, Australia, and Jamaica along with the nations of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The British invaded these countries and slaughtered the citizens. The British corruption isn’t over yet either; there are currently fourteen territories under the British reign. On top of that there are three countries not invited to The Queen's funeral. These countries are Russia; because of their invasion of Ukraine, Belarus; Russia's neighboring country who supports their invasion, and Myanmar; whose military seized power in a coup.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip’s oldest son, Charles III, will be taking over the throne. Charles is an environmental advocate and he isn’t silent about political issues. He has done some good things, however, he is very pampered. He has his servants put his tooth paste on his toothbrush for him, iron his shoe laces for him, and put his bath plug in a certain position. He also cheated on his first wife, the beloved princess Diana with Camilla. He believes it was justified since he was in love with Camilla before his marriage, but she wasn’t high enough in the royal hierarchy to marry him. Now that Diana is dead he is married to Camilla.

None of these can tell whether he will be a fair ruler. The public will be waiting to see what he has up his sleeve.

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