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What's New in Loveland High School

This year Loveland High School has modified our way of education, for better and for worse. Starting off with the faculty members, Mr. Brian Conaster is the new assistant principal for juniors and seniors. Mr. Conaster has been helping Loveland students and athletes develop for the past sixteen years as a teacher and athletic director. He has the leadership and communication skills to continue to help Loveland strive for greatness in a different role. The community is excited to continue to witness Conatser work with Loveland students day in and day out. Next up, Introducing: Officer Steinkoenig (Steiny)! Officer Steiny has been working as a school resource officer for four years now. This is his first year at Loveland High School, but before this, he was at St. Columbian. He decided it was time to make a switch because he wanted to work at a bigger school and he was already employed as a coach here. He enjoys being an SRO because “Any day you can make someone laugh or put a smile on their face it just makes everything better.” You can catch him constantly cracking jokes and putting smiles on peoples faces all around the High School. It's never too late to meet Officer Steiny as he never fails to make students’ days a little brighter.

Now onto some of the more pressing matters, sadly not everything can be all sunshine and rainbows. The biggest pet-peeve for most students now-a-days is the E-hallpass. It takes more time for students to sign out, teachers feel tied to their desks, and teachers often forget to sign kids back in. Although this new program is unpopular, it has had positive effects, as fewer people are skipping class and bad behavior is down. Although most students don’t care for our new system, they can't argue with it because it’s doing what it’s intended to do. This next subject bothers me every day. Students are no longer allowed to bring backpacks into the lunch room. Many students have no room in their backpack to carry a lunch box in it and don’t want to carry one around all day. Now many students don’t eat lunch because of it. Using your locker is an option for those who are dealing with this problem, you can contact your Guidance Counselor if you are interested.

Lastly, many claim that student athletes are being pushed past their limits this year. Many students have complained that this year they have spent more time in the gym or at the turf than any other year. Athletes are at the school until nine multiple days a week. There is no time for the student part in student athletics to come in, especially for those taking honors and AP classes or participating in clubs. Coaches should talk to their athletes about it and get their opinions and work something out. Players have also been getting injured from this because of overuse of their bodies.

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