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Week 1 Fantasy Football Recap

Week one of the NFL season is in the books and it was exciting to say the least. Plenty of performances wowed fans and won fantasy matchups. With that being said, for every good performance, there was a performance equally as disappointing.

Starting with the one o’clock games, there were plenty of fireworks to get the fantasy season started. One of the notable performances was from Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase with 10 catches to go along with 129 yards and a touchdown totaling 28.9 points. A.J. Brown had a great game, scoring 25.5 points off of 10 catches and 155 yards.

For the running backs in the early window, both Johnathan Taylor and D’Andre Swift had monster performances scoring over 25 points. Cordarelle Patterson and Kareem Hunt had nice performances scoring 23 and 22.6 respectively.

For the busts of week 1, Darnell Mooney left a lot to be desired, scoring just 1.8 points. Devonta Smith scored a whopping zero points, leaving fantasy managers in shambles. Deebo Samuel was underwhelming, scoring just 12.6 points despite getting double-digit touches. Najee Harris was also disappointing, putting up just 10.6 points. Christian McCaffery scored a pedestrian 15.7 points despite being an enormous piece in Carolina’s offense.

In the 4 o’clock games things started to really heat up. There was no lack of explosive performances in this time slot, starting with an outstanding performance by Justin Jefferson as he reeled in 2 touchdowns to go along with 184 yards. Patrick Mahomes proved he didn’t need Tyreek Hill by throwing 5 touchdowns in a win against the Cardinals. Saquon Barkley made his presence felt by putting together a ridiculous stat line of almost 200 scrimmage yards and 2 touchdowns.

Even though there were some great performances, the mid-day games also provided some duds, starting off with Derrick Henry who scored just 8.2 points against the woeful Giants. Aaron Jones was a non-factor in the Packers game which is concerning to say the least, as he put up only 7.6 points on 8 touches. Hunter Renfrow also disappeared in his first game sharing the field with Davante Adams, putting up 5.1 points.

For the primetime matchups, there were even fewer fireworks. Tom Brady scored a measly 11 points, Mike Evans put up a solid 18 points, Leonard Fournette put up a respectable 15.7 points. Ezekiel Elliot fell flat scoring just 5.9 points, Ceedee scored an embarrassing 4.9 points.

For Monday Night Football, the Broncos struggled in a loss and their fantasy output showed that. Every member of the Broncos offense was underwhelming except for Jerry Jeudy who caught a deep ball in the second quarter, taking up the majority of his 20 points, and Javonte Williams who reeled in 11 check-downs also put up 20 points.

For the Seahawks, no one stood out. Both DK and Lockett put up weak numbers and Rashaad Penny wasn’t anything to marvel at. Geno Smith was a good story but he didn’t have eye-popping stats.

This week was an incredible intro to the season, from crazy games to unbelievable performances, fantasy football has a lot left in store. s The Chiefs Vs. The Chargers game on Thursday night will be an epic start to Week 2.

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