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The New Police Chief of the Loveland PD

Loveland has a new chief of police as of August 2022. Chief Michael J. Gabrielson formerly started off as a patrolman in 1993 and later served as Assistant Chief of Police for the Kettering (Ohio) Police Department. As Assistant Chief, he was in charge of one of the department's two main divisions, with a particular emphasis on patrol operations, administrative assistance, community relations, and criminal investigations.

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Chief Gabrielson has more than 20 years of experience as a law enforcement instructor and more than 25 years of experience as an Ohio-Certified Peace Officer. He graduated from Tiffin University with a Master's in Criminal Justice Administration, and he has continued his study through the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety

Chief Gabrielson has ten years of experience in criminal investigations and is knowledgeable about all forms of crime. He's participated in extensive, complex criminal investigations undercover for more than 7 years. He teaches law enforcement officers about drugs, animal fighting, search warrants, firearms (pistol, shotgun, rifle), use of force, emergency vehicle operations, evidence gathering, and many other topics.

Chief Gaberialson held a number of responsibilities during his 29 years of employment with the City of Kettering, among which he held the positions of Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and eventually Captain. During his roughly nine years as a detective, he maintained Special Deputation status with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the United States Marshals Service.

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He was also a task force investigator for the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission (OOCIC). Chief Gaberialson took part in investigations in Florida, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, and Illinois.

He also participated in undercover investigations for instances involving the Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property and Vehicles, Welfare and Food Stamp Fraud, Narcotics Possession and Trafficking, Firearms Possession and Trafficking, Explosives Possession and Trafficking, violations of the Animal Welfare Act, and Gambling.

When undercover Chief Gaberialson says he’s “purchased explosives I mean you name it I probably purchased it at some point a lot of stolen property but yeah it's really an acting job really what it comes down to is going out and getting somebody's trust and having them commit a crime”

As a Detective, Gaberialson was in charge of receiving and looking into reports of crimes and non-crimes from the public, his colleagues, his superiors, and his own initiative. Investigations into assault, burglary, domestic violence, fraud, homicide, menacing, theft, rape, and robbery have been among his responsibilities.

After getting a promotion to Lieutenant, he was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Section consisting of eight full-time investigators. As a Watch Commander, he was tasked with overseeing two patrol sergeants, fourteen officers, and their units on the third watch (afternoon) shift in order to aid the division commander in the administration, direction, and coordination of division activities. He was in charge of overseeing all 3rd Watch patrol actions on a daily basis.

All reports submitted to their agency were examined by Gaberialson, who also handled any follow-up requests from police, detectives, or other divisions or sections. He coordinated collaboration with local, state, and federal agencies in intelligence and criminal justice-related fields. In order to close as many investigations as possible, he also provided help for police and investigators on open/active cases. Gabrielson spent almost five years as a lieutenant.

Below is Mahi Sheth’s interview with Chief Gaberialson.

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