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Summer Job Ideas

With the end of the school year quickly approaching it is time to start talking about summer plans. I don’t know about you but one thing that is vital to my summer plans is a summer job. So whether you are trying to earn a little money or are a senior saving for college, here are some fun job ideas for this summer:

To begin, Kids First, Too. Kids First, Too is a children’s gymnastics center located only twenty minutes away in Milford. Aside from usual gymnastics classes, Kids First, Too hosts a summer camp for kids ages 5-12. They are currently hiring camp counselors for this summer! Camp is held Monday-Friday so it is the perfect job if you are looking to have your weekends free. I talked to Mckenna Heider (11) who has been a camp counselor there for two years. She said that Kids First Too is “It’s a super fun and active environment always giving you something to do” and that “The staff and faculty are also super kind and it’s a great way to build friendships outside of sports and school.” If you love working with kids, and are looking for a fun summer job I would definitely consider working at Kids First Too! You can apply on the Kids First Too website,

If you are looking for a more local job, consider The Works right in Downtown Loveland. The Works is a super fun and lively restaurant with a great work environment. A lot of their staff is made up of Loveland students, so you are bound to know someone there. If you are under 18, consider working as a host or hostess. As someone who used to work as a hostess, I can say it is a super fun lowkey job. If you are 18, apply to be a server. It is a great way to meet and interact with so many people, and you can make a lot of money from tips! Here is what server Tricia Halili-Felse (12), a _ at The Works said that “The Works is the first and only job I’ve ever had and I think I got really lucky” and that “I just clicked with the environment and people, and I love being a part of that community.” If you’re interested in working at The Works, make sure to stop in and ask for an application.

Do you love coffee? If so, consider working at Starbucks. There are many locations near the Loveland area; there’s definitely a perfect fit for you. The staff there is so kind, and it is such a fun environment to work in. If you are a constant Starbucks goer like me, you would definitely appreciate the free drinks during your shift and the discounts for when you're not working.

All of these jobs are a great way to make some money and have fun this summer. I would definitely consider these when on the hunt for your summer job!

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