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Smoothie Shop Opens in Downtown Loveland

Photo courtesy of Jack Gerber

On Monday, September 18th, Loveland’s newest business, the smoothie shop Better Blend, opened its doors in Downtown Loveland in the Brown’s Crossing building. Better Blend serves tasty, yet healthy smoothies and bowls, complementing the many other new businesses to recently open in the downtown area.

A motivational message written on the side of a Better Blend smoothie. This was left on Evan Gregg's (12) smoothie. Photo courtesy of Jack Gerber.

In Loveland’s Brown’s Crossing building, right along the bike trail, between Fleet Feet, Alley Boutique, and Trailside Provisions, Better Blend’s great location puts it in the middle of downtown. This prime real estate gives everyone access to Better Blend, with the ability to easily park nearby to pick up smoothies.

For smoothies, they have a variety of delicious-sounding options such as Strawberry Shortcake, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry, but what makes their brand unique is the lack of sugar in their smoothies, with the meal-sized smoothies having 8, 8, 2, and 9 grams of sugar, respectively. While these smoothies contain low amounts of sugar, they also contain high amounts of protein, containing 23, 28, 27, and 28 grams of protein, respectively. In addition to their classic smoothie options, they also offer “Barista Blends,” coffee drinks similar to Frappuccinos that still have the benefits of other Better Blend smoothies, and “Bulk Blends,” smoothies with extra calories, protein, carbs, and fat for those looking to gain healthy weight. With the ability to “boost” any smoothie with options like energy, collagen, and creatine, these smoothies make the perfect snack or meal.

Better Blend’s Bowls offer the option to take many of the benefits of their smoothies in solid form. With bases like The Islander, Sunny Side, and Dragonfruit, and topics including fruits, nuts, coconut, and honey, these bowls make a tasty, yet healthy meal or snack.

Loveland High School student Evan Gregg (12) visited Better Blend and tried both the “Funky Monkey” bulk blend smoothie and the “Strawberry Shortcake.” He told The Loveland Roar that he was impressed with “the taste of the smoothies,” and said that while they have unhealthy-sounding names, “they are both delicious and very healthy.” He said that his favorite smoothie was the “Funky Monkey,” but that he hopes “to return to Better Blend soon to try more smoothies and bowls.”

Their new location in Loveland is just the newest of six locations. According to Better Blend’s website, the business was started in the Greater Cincinnati Area by Isaac Hamlin, who while in college, started making “protein smoothies that offered optimum nutrition, tasted great, and didn’t weigh him down” as a college athlete. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, he realized the “need for healthy food options in his hometown,” and decided to open Better Blend to address this need. Since then, Better Blend has opened six locations across the Greater Cincinnati area with locations in Mason, Clifton Heights, Cincinnati, Florence, and Fort Mitchell, and they will soon be expanding to Louisville, with hopes to continue expanding beyond Cincinnati.

As Loveland’s downtown area continues to expand, along with Pet Wants and Teak, Better Blend will be one of the many new businesses to open.

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