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Senior DC Trip Preview

With November quickly approaching, the class of 2024 is excited to go on the upcoming Washington DC trip. This trip is being held to compensate for the class missing it during their 8th-grade year due to the then-recent COVID-19 pandemic.

While the form sent out to applicants of the trip gave a small view of some events that students may get to experience on the trip, it wasn’t entirely comprehensive. To provide more information, The Roar desired to inquire more as to what exactly the trip would entail and thoughts on it from some of the staff involved themselves. The Roar had the chance to speak with a Loveland High School Biology teacher, Mr. Klingler, who will be one of the teacher chaperones, about his own expectations, and some info about what students may experience there. Klingler, never having been to Washington DC himself, told The Roar that “now seemed like a perfect time” for him to go, as well as “a fully pre-planned trip would get me much more out of the experience than if I had gone myself.” Klingler also added that he feels the experience will be much more enriching accompanying Seniors on the trip rather than 8th graders.

Upon being asked about advice he would give students, Klingler suggested that “checking Google Maps of the area beforehand is a good way to get familiarized with where we’ll be headed.” While being there in person is a very different experience from simply perusing Google Maps, learning where everything is situated in accordance with each other can prove to be a valuable tool for understanding the area once the trip itself rolls around.

Klingler was also able to provide The Roar with a tentative schedule for the trip, giving a very good overview of the trip as a whole. According to Klingler, “there won’t be much in the way of free time to go out and do whatever, but the schedule is jam-packed with tons of tours and interesting stops.” Students can expect to visit some of the key monuments like the Lincoln Memorial or the Library of Congress, as well as some more “fun” events such as a fish market and whisperings of a supposed river cruise. Furthermore, Klingler also shared plans of making a stop at Gettysburg on the way back from the capital, mainly as a way to spice up the 8 hour bus ride back home.

Overall, it seems the Washington DC trip for Loveland seniors is shaping up to be an incredibly enriching experience for all of those involved, making the eight-hour long bus ride to and from well worth it. Seniors taking part in the trip, make sure to prepare well for when the buses set out on November 8th!

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