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POLL: Paxton’s vs. Ramsey’s

Downtown Loveland features a plethora of different restaurants with a wide array of different options. Despite that fact, Paxton’s and Ramsey’s have been two of the most notable and debated restaurants for years. Both restaurants are owned by the same group and have relatively similar options, yet many are strongly divided on which restaurant they prefer. Where the two places differ the most is the atmosphere they provide. Paxton’s feels more like a diner, a feel adjacent to a Texas Roadhouse or Longhorn Steakhouse. Ramsey’s has a much more formal menu and environment.

Wanting to determine how the Loveland student-body falls on the debate, The Loveland Roar issued a poll to Loveland High School seniors. The two questions consisted of, if they have a preference for either option, and why do they prefer one over the other? The final poll resulted in 62.5% of voters preferring Paxton’s to 37.5% of voters preferring Ramsey’s.

Out of those who voted for Paxton’s, half mentioned the belief that Paxton’s is more ingrained in Loveland’s tradition and history as the reason for their preference. Ian Richards (12) said, “I love Ramsey’s, but Paxton’s was one of the staple restaurants in my childhood. I will always remember going there with my family and getting a delicious burger.” Ava VanBuskirk (12) concurred, “I prefer Paxton’s because it’s been around longer and has more lore among the community.” Ben Hicks (12) added “Paxton’s is a bigger staple to Loveland, it has a wider, more diverse menu, which is able to fulfill many different taste palettes. Making returning a more satisfying experience.” Ramsey’s received plenty of love for its storied history in Loveland, but the people found Paxton’s to still be their preferred selection. 

Despite both restaurants being staples of Loveland’s history, the students of Loveland High School have decided Paxton’s is the prime selection in downtown.

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