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Past Teacher Superlatives

As May approaches and Senior Superlatives are voted on, we are going to look back at the past and see what superlatives current Loveland teachers were voted for in high school.

Most Attractive: Mr. Hutzel

Back in ’89, Loveland Hurst High School’s graduating class voted that Mr. Hutzel was the most attractive in his class. With such a large flowing mullet, how could one resist? While he isn’t still sporting his now signature mullet, it is still obvious why he was voted most attractive back in ’89.

If you’re reading this, please help, Mr. Hutzel made us write this. He threatened to take away Cookie Fridays if we don’t call him most attractive.

Photo courtesy of Loveland High School

Best Hair: Mr. Damewood

All these years later, Mr. Damewood is still sporting that same hairdo and hairstyle that won him this superlative so many years ago. His classmates decided that his hair was far better than anyone else’s in his graduating class due to its length and sheer amount. Featured to the left is Mr. Damewood’s senior picture.

Most Artistic: Mr. Ward

While he isn’t currently an art teacher, his fellow classmates voted that he was the most artistic in his graduating class. He has used these skills to draw highly accurate to-scale drawings for his physics classes where he loves to discuss his artistic ability. Make sure to swing by Mr. Ward’s classroom to see the elaborate drawings adorning his whiteboard.

Best Handwriting: Mr. Kenyon

While he isn’t as artistic as Mr. Ward, Mr. Kenyon’s handwriting is always very neat. His students never have any trouble reading it, even from across the room. Some might say that a career as a math teacher is wasted on him, as with such beautiful calligraphy, they argue that he should instead be focused on the linguistic arts.

Life of the Party: Mr. Vanatsky

As all of his students know, Mr. Vanatsky is a party animal, always ready to spring an exciting pop quiz on you at any moment. Many wonder how he could sit cooped up in a classroom for so long, when he has so many other exciting topics to focus on, like the current price of water bottles. He’ll always keep you alert and on your toes in class.

Class Clown: Mr. Warden

When asked how he earned this superlative back in high school, Mr. Warden told The Loveland Roar that “I don’t know why my class thinks I’m so funny, I just say something, and they all end up laughing.” While it isn’t apparent to him, it was very apparent to his peers in high school, as they saw his underlying class clown. Just sit through one of his lectures, and you’ll be belting with laughter, just like his students.

Though these are only some of Loveland’s teachers, many other teachers have received similar superlatives. Since May is quickly approaching, we will soon find out who the class of 2023 will vote for as their superlatives. Stay tuned to the Senior Issue of The Loveland Roar to see who gets voted into these categories!

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