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New “Vibe” on Loveland Madeira Road

Previously on Wards Corner, Vibe Fitness has found its new home on Loveland Madeira Road. This change enhances the exercise experiences for its members in many ways.

Even before its new location, Vibe Fitness has been more than just weights, metal bars, and exercise machines; it’s a community of like-minded individuals improving their health.

One of those individuals is LHS baseball player Tyler Evans. Evans has been working out at Vibe for five months and has noticed a unique atmosphere.

“You can pretty much do whatever workout you want because there’s not a ton of people crowding around,” Evans said.

Even though Vibe may not have the national recognition as the chain fitness centers, many people, like Evans, prefer the smaller and more personal experience at Vibe. John Kennedy, the owner of Vibe Fitness since its opening in 2013, has built Vibe with the mindset of separating itself from other gyms.

“The difference is the people for sure,” Mr. Kennedy said. “We care about people’s experience and their results, so we make it our job to get to know them on a personal level.”

To Mr. Kennedy, it’s important that people have a good exercise experience. Exercise improves mental health, physical health, and overall well-being.

“Being strong and having a good physique builds a lot of self esteem and confidence, which is a hitch in our entire society,” Mr. Kennedy said. “Your day to day activities are easier, you feel better, people treat you with more respect, and it becomes contagious to the people you’re around.”

Despite the consistent culture at Vibe, its new location on Loveland Madeira Road provides its members with many luxuries that would not have been possible at its previous location.

“The last location was two-dimentional, meaning general members and personal training [only],” said Kennedy. “The new location has more space and we can offer more options for families. Now, we will have group training for adults and youth groups, memberships, personal training, [and] golf simulators are on their way.”

The additional space comes with a large turf field, which can be used for speed training and long-distance dynamic exercises. Senior varsity basketball player Antonio Seoldo, along with Evans, have found great use of the turf, in particular.

Vibe’s new location has only been open for three weeks, and it won’t completely open until early September. “They haven’t moved everything [to the new location] yet, so we’ll see [how it is] when it’s all said and done,” Seoldo said.

After Vibe’s new location is fully operational, Mr. Kennedy plans to expand into the Loveland community even further.

“The location I’m at now is just a small stepping stone to what I plan to accomplish within 3 years,” Mr Kennedy said. “From there, I’ll start to reinvest into the local parks and upgrade the courts and fields.”

Many LHS student athletes find themselves using the multitude of exercise equipment Vibe has to offer. This is largely due to the work of Tigers’ Inc., the student-led non-profit organization at LHS that gives students the opportunity to gain real-world business experience. Due to the marketing team at Tigers’ Inc. last year, Vibe has made a name for itself within Tiger athletics.

“Soon enough, I’m going to change Loveland athletics and we will be on top again,” Mr. Kennedy said.

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