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New Lemons and Limes Location in Mason

Cover Photo Courtesy of Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes are a popular boutique in downtown Loveland. Recently, a new location has opened in Mason. This little boutique has an abundance of handcrafted gifts for everyone. This new location has helped take this small business to even more success.

In 2019, Lemons and Limes opened their first location in downtown Loveland on the corner of West Loveland Avenue and Karl Brown Way. This location first opened less than eight months before the pandemic hit. The pandemic was not easy for anyone, especially for a small business just opening its doors. It was difficult to sell products when you couldn’t have shoppers in-store.

The owner, Wendy Knight, is a strong entrepreneur and has worked hard to make this business a success. She has worked diligently throughout the pandemic to keep her business alive. On top of her daily duties as a mom, she takes time to make sure her store is a success, organizes events, attends small business social events, and completes extra work to benefit her business.

Now, two years later, Knight’s story is an inspiration to all. Once she opened the first store in Loveland, it was loved by many because of how it benefits the local artists. Lemons and Limes’ website says that the vision for this small business was to “cultivate a collection of accessories and gifts that are fun, functional, and well made,” and they have done just that. Other than a few name brands, Lemons and Limes focuses on items that local artisans craft.

This small business has taken off since its first opening in 2019. Lemons and Limes have expanded past just a single storefront. More and more sales are being made online at their website which expands their consumer base to more than just people in Loveland. This has allowed Lemons and Limes to get creative with their marketing by using social media. They are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. This has additionally been beneficial to their online sales.

Since their store has been growing in popularity, Lemons and Limes have opened a new store in Mason. In the early summer of 2022, this new location was opened in the Deerfield Towne Center. This is a great location because of all the other stores in the shopping center. As many shoppers know, Deerfield Town Center always holds new events to get people into the shopping center. This has created more shopping traffic, which means more sales for small businesses.

This new location is very different from the Loveland location. They have similar items but not the same inventory. This is another unique quality of this business that is different from any other small business around.

Lemons and Limes are a local success story of a small business. This new location is another great opportunity for this small business to grow past just a little shop in Loveland, Ohio. Make sure to check out Lemons and Limes' new location in Mason!

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