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Loveland Students’ Summer Vacations

As summer comes to an end and the 2023-2024 school year begins, Loveland High School students wrap up their vacation-haze and start preparing for another year of academics.

As always, Loveland residents stayed busy for their two months off of work and school and many of them utilized that time to travel. Even though many of our peers were able to leave the country, the reality is that most of us stayed home and enjoyed the few months we got off locally.

For some, this was their first time leaving the country and for others like Kendall Sud (11), it was yet another exciting summer trip. Sud shared with me that this was not her first time leaving the country but it was her first time visiting the British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos and that it was one of her favorites that she has gotten to experience with her family. She noted that it was “nice spending time with [her] brother because he has been away at college in Vermont” for the preceding school year. A not-so-exciting factor of the trip for her was the connecting flights and the overall travel time because, like many of us, she finds it can “get boring waiting and staying still for too long, especially at an airport.” In Turks and Caicos, Sud says her favorite part of the location was being able to “swim in the ocean and see all the different colored fish because they are just so pretty there,” so there is no surprise that she loved it.

In Costa Rica, Lillis Dobson (12) stayed busy restoring mangrove habitats with her Girl Scout troop, an additional group from Cleveland, and one from Albuquerque, NM. Dobson recalls her service project as being a scarier experience because they “were working in the river with a fair share of crocodiles at our feet” for much of the duration. She also shares that her favorite part of the trip was, in fact, the other animals they got to see out in the wild, most notably the group of monkeys “throwing mangoes at people on the beach” and the sloths and macaws they saw on a guided nature walk.

One final trip worth noting was Kendall Chapman’s (12) extensive journey to London, England they went on with their grandma and other female family members. Chapman reflects back to early August when the trip was announced because their grandma “wanted to take [them] out of the country for more experience to expand [their] world view.” Chapman’s favorite excursion was visiting the Churchill war rooms where Winston Churchill ran the UK’s war effort during World War II. They also note that they “went to all the museums [they] could go to, including the Victoria and Albert museum which housed Queen Victoria’s personal collection of artifacts and original paintings from the 1800s.” Another highlight Chapman shared was the transportation in London because, for much of the vacation, they walked from place to place.

Although students are back to school, it is important to look back on our fond memories for some sense of stability hidden behind the chaos that is High School, whether that’s a trip outside of the country or a simple day downtown in Loveland.

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