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Loveland Receives All As on District Report Card

Cover photo courtesy of Loveland City School District

Loveland City School District received all As on Ohio’s School Report Card for the 2021-2022 school year, making Loveland one of only 12 districts in the State of Ohio to receive a perfect rating. This rating put Loveland City School District in the top 2% of all school districts in the state of Ohio.

Every year, The Ohio Department of Education rates school districts on the A-F scale in the categories of achievement, progress, gap closing, graduation rates, and early literacy rates. Loveland City School District received As in all these categories. The Ohio Department of Education says that their School Report Cards “give parents, communities, educators and policymakers information about the performance of districts and schools — to celebrate achievement and success and identify areas for improvement.” These report cards are a vital part of many parents’ decision to send their children to Loveland, so this positive score will encourage more families to move to Loveland.

This ranking allows Loveland to showcase its students’ and faculty’s hard work which has put Loveland as one of the top districts in the state. Loveland’s students and faculty are high performing and hard-working, and this well-deserved ranking exemplifies this.

In response to the high grade, Mike Broadwater, Superintendent of Loveland City School District, said that, “I am so proud of our kids and staff for showing our community how hard they work each and every day.” He also said that, “Being able to achieve at a high level while keeping a close eye on the bottom line is further evidence that we are delivering a fantastic educational value for our Loveland City Schools Community. We look forward to their continuing support.” Broadwater’s statement reflects the beliefs of many parents and community members, as they are seeing the excellent education that Loveland is providing. He also emphasized that Loveland did this while being cost-efficient.

Loveland City School’s high ranking showcases how Loveland has been able to overcome issues caused by COVID learning loss that are still plaguing other districts. This proves that Loveland’s adept faculty was able to effectively educate students despite the many difficulties in teaching caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by preventing most learning loss and by helping students learn missed information. Overall, this proves that Loveland has continued to provide an excellent education to students throughout and in the recovery from the pandemic.

Loveland’s high score has put it ahead of many other local districts, including: Milford, Lebanon, and even Indian Hill, proving that Loveland is one of the best choices for schools in the Cincinnati area.

This comes as Loveland City Schools is working to pass a levy to allow the district to allow them not only to continue these great programs that have made the district one of the best in the state, but to also expand upon them to allow students to reach their full potential.

Overall, Loveland’s ranking emphasizes the excellent education that Loveland provides in all areas and that Loveland can do this in a cost-effective way.

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