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Loveland Prom Moved To The Works

Loveland’s Prom has officially moved locations. Previously at The Great American Ball Park, Prom has officially been moved to The Works. Why this move? The Great American Ball Park has double booked prom for Loveland and Indian Hill, and Indian Hill paid them off to reserve the venue. However, our very own Loveland Works offered to host it for us. Now what exactly does this mean for Prom this year? Well, there will be free pizza given to everyone in attendance, if they wear something pizza related, including a pizza hat, costume, dress, earrings, tie, etc. The bar will be turned into a DJ booth for the event, and all the tables will be cleared out to make a huge dance floor for all the students. Students can also utilize the train attached to the restaurant to sit and eat their pizza if they don’t feel like dancing.

Loveland’s parking is very limited so some exceptions have been made regarding usual parking rules. The Graeter’s parking lot will now have a limit of four hour parking to cover the duration of the dance. Nisbet and The Works parking lot will also be open, however they may be limited. Anywhere with pay-to-park signs will be overridden just for the day of prom. Even with all these exceptions, Loveland recommends that you bike to the Prom.

The downside of Prom being held at The Works is all the Loveland students who work there, will have to work during prom. The Works does not have enough staff to facilitate the event without the Loveland student staff, and they are not happy about this. Here is what host Gracie Dillon (12) had to say about working her senior Prom, “It is terrible. Not only do I have to miss my Senior Prom, but I have to serve all my friends, and I only make 10 dollars an hour. It will truly be upsetting watching all my friends have fun while I have to work.” I also asked server Ben Hicks (11) his thoughts, and he had a different approach to this situation, “I’m actually pretty happy to be working prom. I didn’t plan on attending in the first place but if I did I would have been about a hundred dollars in debt, but by having to work I'll actually make some money. It’s a win-win for me.”

Tickets will be thirty dollars and sold Monday-Friday the week of prom. Tickets will not be available for purchase at the dance, and must be purchased in advance. This prom is definitely unlike anyone we’ve ever had before, and one I wouldn’t want to miss. Make sure to get your tickets at lunch the week of prom!

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