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Loveland Oktoberfest

Throughout history, many locations have celebrated Oktoberfest (including Loveland of course), though not many people know the significance of these entertaining festivites.

Few know much about this event and why it is important enough to be an international festival. This coming week, Loveland, Ohio is holding its own Oktoberfest in Downtown Loveland near Nisbet Park!

For background knowledge, Oktoberfest was originally celebrated in the 1800s when King Louis I and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen were married in Munich, Germany. The original celebrations lasted five days, and then were continued on throughout time to mark the couple’s anniversary, until it eventually became an international festival.

Additionally, in the 1960s, the USA held its first Oktoberfest in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which swiftly became a community-wide celebration. During this period in time, the US struggled with hosting many festivities, so Oktoberfest became a main event for annual entertainment. What is interesting is that the city of Cincinnati, Ohio annually holds the biggest Oktoberfest in American history, though Frankenmuth, Michigan holds the most authentic Oktoberfest, boasting an actual German brewery. Today, this festival is kept alive to represent German culture.

One common misconception is that Oktoberfest is all about drinking, and this isn’t true! There are tons of activities to participate in, including at Loveland’s own special event. Some examples are eating German food, watching live music, and playing unique games! People (and pets) dress up in typical Bavarian clothing and walk around with friends and family. This festival is an awesome opportunity for those who wish to socialize and explore another culture (although these traditions aren’t always historically accurate).

This year Loveland is holding Oktoberfest on September 22nd and 23rd. On the 22nd, Oktoberfest will be opening at 4pm in Nisbet Park where there will be a Stein Slide, Spin the Wheel, and more. There will also be the Bergstrasse Boys on stage, a local band who has been playing at numerous festivals throughout the past few years, Enzian German Dancers at the gazebo, and stein hoist competitions.

On the 23rd, Loveland will be hosting Cin City Shakers, Schnapps Band (a local German-American band), a weiner dog race, a performance from Premier Dance and Tumbling, keg progression/tapping in front of city hall, more stein hoists, and the Zinzinnati Bier band (a band that commonly plays at local Oktoberfests).

Some of the food you can find in this event includes sausages, sauerkraut, funnel cakes, brats/metts, pretzels, and shaved ice (Saturday only). These food carts will be placed all around Nisbet Park. Oktoberfest is notoriously a festival for eating and drinking, making these treats provided by Loveland all the more special.

This year’s festival is only Loveland’s third annual Oktoberfest! This year the town hopes to include more people, cherish the German traditions, and have fun! Not only are these activities easy, affordable, and exciting, but it’s also close to home with local people. You don’t want to miss this exciting event!

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