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Loveland High School Parking Lot Dilemma

No system is perfect when it includes a diverse amount of people, and Loveland High School is no exception. In the past few years that I've gone to Loveland, I've noticed a

serious dilemma with transportation - the parking lots before and after school hours! Drivers tend to be reckless and ignorantly stubborn. This issue isn’t restricted to me, though - many of Loveland’s drivers are becoming frustrated as well.

Personally, I find that this is mostly a complication among high school students who rush out of the building, though I have had my own unique, yet poor experience dealing with irresponsible parents. I have found that for whatever reason, parents picking up their students assume that their situation is more urgent than other parents which creates super chaotic conditions. When every parent in the parking lot genuinely believes getting their kid is more important than the people around them, it causes mayhem and an incredible amount of, well - stupidity.

I’m not saying that the problem lies on the parents, as many of the actual students are entirely too dependent on getting home as quickly as possible. Similarly to the parents, when a ton of inexperienced high schoolers begin rushing their vehicles toward the same tiny roads, it causes a lot of inconvenience, along with actual illegal moves and accidents.

Alongside this, I believe this affects teachers heavily. On a daily basis, numerous teachers leave at the same time as me. When vehicles are cutting each other off and driving in the wrong direction, it makes it insanely difficult for teachers to back their cars out of their employee parking spaces. In this case, students and parents simply make driving for teachers unsafe and impractical while being in a work environment.

This is something important for many folks to improve upon, including myself. I find that occasionally I find myself making irresponsible decisions from fatigue and desperation to get home too. My main point is that all who drive to and from school during these busy hours should take a moment to evaluate the safety of themselves and others.

A solution to potentially avoid having so many accidents and safety concerns could include limiting the amount of cars going to and from school through carpooling and walking from a designated area. The public should actually pay attention to the circumstances around them when driving, especially in a school zone (yes, even if you attend that school).

To be blunt, I think when this becomes a problem for a large majority of a community, let alone when you are putting said community at risk, you’d think some people would take time out of their day to improve the ways they impact society. It’s one thing to endanger yourself and a whole different thing to endanger a random crowd that has nothing to do with you.

When you use public services, you need to be aware of how your choices affect those around you. It’s so crucial to understand the role that each person plays in society, and the significance these mistakes can have on each other. Seriously - if you can’t drive responsibly, then please, don’t drive.

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