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Loveland Art Festival Enters Sixth Year

This week, Whistle Stop Clay Works will be hosting its annual Loveland Art Festival, which is now entering its sixth year. Taking place on the 2nd of September (this Saturday), the festival will feature sixty local artists, along with a booth of art students from our very own Loveland High School. It will run from 11 am to 4 pm, with zero cost for admission. Free parking is also available nearby.

From pottery to photography, a whole host of different mediums will be on display. Notable booths include STB Aviation Art Concepts, run by Stephen Bow, who paints military plane panels with nose art and insignias dating as far back as WWII; Karen’s Fused Glass Creations, run by Karen Stephenson, who creates the eponymous fused glass pieces; Out of Bounds creations, run by Amy Noffsinger, who began working with mosaic art during the pandemic; and so many other booths, run by so many different artists.

If any of these sound even remotely interesting, it will be worthwhile to stop by the festival. Many of these artists would love the chance to talk about their art and inspirations, and some are even donating their earnings to various charities. The event itself is meant to raise money for two charities, Love Our Land, an environmental charity focused in Loveland, and The Grail, a peace-centered organization focused around women; Whistle Stop Clay Works’ booth will donate their proceeds to these organizations.

Lauren Rutz (12) attended the art festival last year. She affirmed that “despite the rain, it was an enjoyable experience” and that she “did end up selling some art pieces that afternoon,” helping her name get “out there.” She was approached by Ms. Burns (Art), who asked if she would like to attend the festival and sell some of her artwork at the student booth. Rutz said that she “didn't know much about the event at the time but…decided to take the opportunity,” and ended up enjoying it. She had a fear that her work wasn’t “good enough to sell,” but displaying, and ultimately selling, her work at the festival proved her wrong. She said she enjoyed the experience, and that she will “definitely be there this year!”

Whistle Stop Clay Works itself is located in East Loveland, near O’Bannon Creek. The weather on the 2nd is predicted to be a little hot, but the area has plenty of shade. The festival will go on as planned in the event of rain, though it's unlikely for that to be the case. Food trucks will also be present throughout, and the venue is right around the corner from Downtown Loveland’s collection of restaurants. As an extra bonus, there will be live music performed by the local artist Ellen Mershon. So, if you find yourself with a free weekend, or downtown with some time to kill, come down to the art festival! Have a look at all of the various booths, maybe buy something that catches your eye, and say hi to your fellow students!

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