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LHS Drama Announces Fall Musical

On Friday, August 25th, Loveland High School Drama announced that the fall musical will be Something Rotten. This show will take the stage November 15th-18th, with five performances. In an interview with The Loveland Roar, Mr. Shawn Miller, Loveland's Theater Director, described this show as “a blast” that captures “all the things that we love to do here in Loveland,” making this show a must-see. If you’d like to see the show, tickets will go on sale in early November.

LHS students perform The Wizard of Oz. This was the 2022 LHS fall musical. Photo courtesy of LHS Drama.

Miller described Something Rotten as a show “about the times of William Shakespeare” when “there are other people who are trying to be as great as William Shakespeare.” Two of these writers are the brothers Bottom, one likes Shakespeare and the other hates him because “everybody likes Shakespeare, and he wants to be better than Shakespeare.” To do this, he tries to “write the world’s best show, that is going to make Shakespeare wish he were him instead.”

Miller chose this show because “it’s super entertaining” and “it never really gets to the point where you’re taking it seriously,” even featuring a number titled “A Musical” which Miller says, “basically make[s] fun of all of the silly things about musicals.”

He says he’s excited for Loveland Drama perform this show because, “I personally have never done it before, and I’m just so excited about working with the students on a show that’s just so fresh and new” which he says that “no one here has done. It’s brand new to everybody.”

If you’d like to audition for the show, audition information can be found on the LHS Drama

LHS students perform The Wizard of Oz. This was the 2022 LHS fall musical. Photo courtesy of LHS Drama.

website at, which can also be found in the Abre waffle.

Something Rotten is just this year’s iteration of the fall musical, with 2022’s fall musical being The Wizard of Oz, and 2021’s fall lineup having 2 shows, being All Together Now and Leading Ladies. While all of these shows were hits when they debuted at Loveland, many of Loveland’s actors are sure that Something Rotten will give students a greater opportunity to showcase their abilities in such a hilarious and unique show.

When The Loveland Roar asked what Loveland High School Drama actor William Day (12) thought of Miller’s choice of Something Rotten, he said, “I like that he picked something sort of out there that not a lot of people have heard about, and I’m excited to get the opportunity to show off our talents through this show.” Another Loveland High School Drama actor, Ethan Shepard (11), agreed, saying that “it was a show that I had not heard of before, but after learning more about it, I’m really excited.” Shepard added that “it has a large ensemble and has some big parts that can display different people’s abilities very well.” Both of these actors agree, Something Rotten will be a great show for Loveland Drama.

Something Rotten will be enjoyable for the entire Loveland High School community, giving the actors an opportunity to try something fun and new, while providing an entertaining and funny show for the audience.

Photo courtesy of Jack Gerber (12).

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