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Student Band Jerome Takes Flight

Photo courtesy of Jerome

Over the past few months, local Loveland High School band Jerome has played their first few gigs, all of which have taken place in Fairfield at Three Feather Records, a local music store. Jerome consists of five students who attend or graduated from Loveland High School. They meet in Ryan Werne's (11) garage frequently. The members who currently attend Loveland are Denver Riddle (12), Sam Oughterson (12), Ryan Werne ( 11), and Alex Peter(11). They have had three concerts so far, playing some of their originals and some covers. I interviewed Jerome guitarist Sam Oughterson (12) about the band and here are some of his responses.

Question: What genre is Jerome?

Answer: Indie Rock

Question: What inspired Jerome?

Answer: We’re inspired by a lot of Indie and Alternative music.

Question: What’s your favorite song?

Answer: Our favorite that people know is “Space Heater.”

Question: What do you love about your band?

Answer: Obviously, we love playing all of our music as it creates creative exertions from everyone within the band.

Question: What can fans expect from your new album?

Answer: Fans can expect 11 songs, and a variety of feels between each song.

Question: When’s your next Concert?

Answer: The next show we have booked right now is October 13th, but we will for sure get one or two before that. But we’re still working out the details. Follow our Instagram for updates.

Jerome has made a lot of noise around the school the past few months. Their debut song “Space Heater” was released in April and combined their Indie sound with a nostalgic feel. It brought listeners on a magic ride back to the ‘80s. Its themes and timeless sounds take us on a rollercoaster of emotions. The song starts and remains on a steady pace until it reaches a climax of intensity and it feels as if they’re crying out for help as the song proceeds to calm down and drop into a cool and almost relaxing guitar solo. “Space Heater” tells us a fascinating story. “Space Heater” isn’t the only thing to get excited about though. Jerome has a new EP album releasing soon which will be self titled available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Jerome has performed 3 different concerts so far all being at Three Feather Records. Each concert they have performed has had more and more fans. Jerome is gaining traction everyday especially following their most recent concert. Member Riddle (12) has also started a guitar club at Loveland High School. If you or any Loveland High School student would be interested in playing music with the members of Jerome, feel free to join. They will be hanging out weekly and jamming out together.

Make sure to stream “Space Heater” and Jerome’s upcoming album on Apple Music or Spotify! If you want to support Jerome or if you have any questions, contact any of the Jerome members. Also, be on the lookout for new concert dates to see Jerome live.

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