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LCSD Displays Student Opportunities at Showcase Night

Loveland, Ohio - Loveland City School District held its annual District Showcase Night this past Wednesday, October 26th. The annual event, which is normally held in the spring and had previously been referred to as State of the Schools, allowed for the leaders of both academic and extracurricular student opportunities to showcase the wide range of happenings at all four academic buildings.

Over 70 booths filled the main lobby, hallways, cafeteria, and gymnasium of Loveland High School, giving visitors the opportunity to meet directly with both student and faculty leaders throughout grades K-12.

Magnified Giving leaders pose for a picture at Showcase Night. Magnified Giving is a philanthropic focused organization.

According to District Superintendent Mike Broadwater, the funding from the levy, were it to pass, will serve merely as an avenue to continue the current offerings that are available to Loveland students. Despite having the lowest effective tax rate in the district in over twelve years, and ranking in the bottom 10% of funding for public districts statewide, Showcase Night proved that LCSD can offer extraordinary programs for its students. Despite that, Broadwater warned that some of these exceptional organizations and departments are at risk of being cut if the levy were to fail.

Showcase Night also served as an opportunity to display the services that warranted the district an A rating from the Ohio Department of Education in its most recent report card, as the community prepares for a vitally important, yet highly polarizing tax levy in just a mere eight days.

Chase Gibson (11) of Tigers Inc., who aided in directing one of the most successful booths at Showcase Night, believes that Showcase Night was an ideal way for the innovative student-led organization to network, saying, “Showcase Night allowed Tigers Inc. to present the basis of our organization to the community. Tigers Inc. allows students to learn about real-world business opportunities both inside the classroom and outside of it with interactive, hands-on connections.”

Tigers Inc., led by teacher Craig Murnan, is a revolutionary course offering that allows Tiger students to immerse themselves in many of the business opportunities that Gibson discussed. Exhibiting the benefits of world-class programs such as Tigers Inc. embodies what Showcase Night is all about, according to Gibson.

Jack Gerber (11), News Editor of The Loveland Roar, agrees with Gibson, also believing that Showcase Night gave his student-run organization a great opportunity to display the multitude of changes they had made in the prior year. When asked about the role Showcase Night played in updating the community on the innovations of The Loveland Roar, Gerber stated, “Showcase Night gave The Loveland Roar a platform to show the community that there is a new source of local news for everyone, not just Loveland High School.”

Showcase Night served as a way to provide the community with an opportunity to be updated on the recent progress made by Loveland City Schools and its students. The upcoming election on November 8th will be a determining factor in whether or not the students of Loveland City School District can continue to enjoy the extensive benefits that their district currently offers.

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