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INTERVIEW: School Board Candidate Lynn Mangan

As Election Day rapidly approaches, The Loveland Roar has completed interviews with each of the four candidates running for the crucial position of Loveland City School District Board Member. With debate over public education intensifying in the Loveland community throughout the past half-decade, the five-member Board of Education has witnessed polarizing election cycles, and this fall is no different. Our series of interviews concludes with Ben Hicks (12) interviewing Lynn Mangan.

Mangan, perhaps the strongest campaigner of all four candidates, has garnered a widespread circle of support from teachers, parents, and alumni within the community. When asked what compelled her to run for school board, Mangan said, “I am extremely passionate about access to quality education being available for all students in our community. I want to both protect and grow what Loveland has today.”

In order to accomplish this goal, Mangan has proposed a three-pronged approach to direct the future of Loveland Schools. She stated that she will prioritize delivering a quality education to inspire and prepare students, promote fiscal responsibility to ensure a real return on investment for the community, and foster a connected community through public visibility and engagement.

While these goals may seem ambitious for a divided community, Mangan believes that she has the relevant experience to accomplish this mission. She told The Loveland Roar:

In the private world, I have served as an executive in software organizations such as Paycor and Clubessential where a relentless focus on providing quality services at a high return on investment is what is expected. This translates into my focus for Loveland’s Board of Education: focusing on our students and families (customers), our staff and community members (shareholders) in a high quality and fiscally responsible manner.”

With four children who have attended Loveland Schools from pre-K through graduation, Mangan has been an involved member of the Loveland community for the better part of 27 years. After the failed levy of 2019, Mangan increased her focus on volunteer work, saying, “I have served on the district’s board planning commission as both the finance committee and communications community chair. I also served on the superintendent search committee that hired Mr. Broadwater and chaired the committee to pass our most recent operating levy.”

Outside of school-centered volunteer leadership, Mangan has also worked with Grant Us Hope and local Hope Squads for suicide prevention, as well as serving on Prince of Peace’s church council.

While campaigning “door-to-door,” Mangan has discovered what issues are most prominent to the Loveland community and has devised a plan to solve them. She ensures the public that there is an achievable avenue to both challenge and grow students through high-quality, transparent education, all at a low cost.

All in all, Mangan hopes that her strengths can help “lead people and use their strengths to drive continual improvement in a very competitive world. Success in both private and public sectors hinges on leveraging the skills of our staff, deliberate investment strategies, and an unwavering focus on the future.”

As Tuesday’s election looms closer, be sure to conduct your research on all of the candidates in order to make an informed decision that represents your interests. You can find The Roar’s interviews with the other three candidates here. Voting both allows your voice to be heard and positively impacts your community. To find your precinct, visit this link.

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