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INTERVIEW: School Board Candidate Christina Jeranek

As Election Day rapidly approaches, The Loveland Roar has completed interviews with each of the four candidates running for the crucial position of Loveland City School District Board Member. With debate over public education intensifying in the Loveland community throughout the past half-decade, the five-member Board of Education has witnessed polarizing election cycles, and this fall is no different. Our series of interviews continues with Ben Hicks (12) interviewing Christina Jeranek.

A 17-year educator with “a background in teaching, counseling and administrative work,” Jeranek was compelled to run for school board because she “felt it was time for [her] to give back to the schools and work for our children, staff, and community.” Jeranek, already a member of the City of Loveland Beautification Committee and the Special Events Committee, hopes to continue bettering the children of the Loveland community through her service, saying, “I want what is best for our students and I want each and every student to have a quality education where they can succeed and reach their future goals.”

Currently a high school counselor at Winton Woods High School, Jeranek believes that her experience in education gives her an understanding of how public schools function, as well as providing her with the necessary skills to deal with whatever changes may occur in the district during her time on the board. Jeranek plans to utilize her experience in public education to combine successful aspects of the past, while also innovating for the future, saying, “I want to gain back programs that we have had in the past but also to develop new ways to accommodate our students and staff needs.”

When asked what her strengths are, Jeranek said, “a strength I can bring to our school board is a good listening ear. Our community is broken and we need to mend so we can all work positively amongst each other. Communication and listening is very important so all feel that they are heard and thought about.” A common theme among the candidates this year is the need for unification, and Jeranek believes that open dialogue and listening are the keys to achieving that goal.

Jeranek has enjoyed campaigning and meeting the faces of Loveland who care about the future of their children. “Since starting my campaign my favorite part has been meeting people and hearing what is important to them. I have really had a good time meeting many residents of Loveland. This has been done through meet and greets, canvassing, and answering questions that have arisen. I have truly enjoyed attending events for all grade levels meeting students, families, and staff, and learning their interests and listening to their concerns and wants for our community,” said Jeranek.

All in all, Christina Jeranek is a candidate whose unique skillset and experience, rooted in education, allow her to achieve her goals of improving the school district for teachers, parents, and students alike.

As Tuesday’s election looms closer, be sure to conduct your research on all of the candidates in order to make an informed decision that represents your interests. You can find The Roar’s interviews with the other three candidates here. Voting both allows your voice to be heard and positively impacts your community. To find your precinct, visit this link.

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